Parsing Error and OAM data overflow

When I was using the class animation creator I was trying to save the necromancer animation (by Eldritch Abomination) text file to a file when suddenly it said there was an OAM data overflow. Do you know what I could get rid of in the text file in order for it to work? Here is what it looks like.

Sorry for the many uploads decided to turn the txt file into a jpeg.

Another thing, I was doing the same thing with Dark Knight Animations (by jj09 and DerTheVaporeon) and it said that I had a parsing line error on line 1. Do you know what I could do to fix this?
Uploading: small_0.jpg…

Uploading: small_2.jpg…

again, it is the same mistake, feditor does not like comments in the text you feed them, try using febuilder instead