Parsefile.exe is broken?

Hello! I’m pretty new to FE hacking, so I’ve been following along a MAKE HACK.cmd tutorial from circleseverywhere, and I’m trying to do some text insertion with EA. However, it requires the usage of Parsefile.exe, which comes with EA, but for some reason it’s not working for me. When I try running it at all, my computer tells me that “this app can’t run on your PC”. Any ideas? Is there an updated version of Parsefile I’m not aware of?

Is your computer 32-bit? In which case you might need the version @StanH has compiled.

(you can ignore this part it’s just me musing)
Or maybe it’s a VS C++ Redistributable error O.o but I don’t think GHC needs that so… shrug

I just checked my operating system, it is indeed 32-bit. If it’s not too much, could you provide the link to this other compiled version? I’m not entirely sure where it is. And thanks so much, I was stuck on this for a while!

I found the zip file containing ParseFIle for 32-bit; now I’m running into a different snag. I’m including the Install Text Data.event in my ROM Buildfile, but it keeps giving me the same error: Tool ParseFile not found. I’m not sure what the cause of this is, any thoughts? Thanks!

Did you put ParseFile in the Tools folder of EA?

Thank you so much for the help! What I did is I have a separate folder for text editing called Text, and I moved the Tools folder of EA to this Text folder. Granted, I moved Tools to the Text Folder and EA tells me nothing’s wrong, but now when I’m trying to boot up my test ROM, it’s frozen on a white screen and I’m a bit lost again. I think I might need to do something with the Anti-Huffman patch, but again, I’m not sure.

Thanks for all the help, by the way. I knew getting started on FE hacking was hard, but this is really really difficult, at least for me.

Two things

  1. Include the FEDitorAutopatches 9rewritten for EA). Namely, you need the Anti-Huffman patch.
  2. Are you ORG-ing to free space before writing your text? It sounds like you’re just writing at the beginning of the ROM.

I’m getting much closer now; I ORG’d to some free space and the game boots up now, and in the ROM Buildfile I’m including the Anti Huffman autopatch, at least the one formatted for EA. What I hope is the final problem, is that when I boot up the prologue, the cursor won’t appear and it’s just stuck on the Prologue map. Any ideas? Thanks!

Edit: Another symptom I’ve noticed; if I speed up the game (stuck on Prologue, no cursor, just Lyn, Batta, and that one brigand) for a while, a really annoying high-pitched sound starts playing. Kind of lost right now, any help would definitely be appreciated.

Can you post the files you’re using to install?

#include eastdlib.event

#include “Tables/Table Installer.event”

#include “Event Assembler/Anti Huffman.txt”

ORG 0x01000000
#include “Text/Install Text Data.event”


This is my ROM Buildfile I have set up. The Anti-Huffman patch, I got somewhere on this site, it should be the right file. I can also post the Install Text Data.event, but I’m pretty sure that should be correct because I’m using textporcess.exe to create that file.

ORG to free space before including the ANti Huffman patch (I forget but one of FE7/FE*'s patches needed free space)

Though that doesn’t match the error you’re getting, hm… I’m not quite sure what’s wrong then. Maybe your text itself? It’s all terminated with [X] and such?

Doesn’t seem to be working; the Prologue chapter still won’t load the cursor. I checked my test, it was just replacing Lyn’s name with Lyndis.


Above is the short txt file I pass into textprocess.exe to change Lyn’s name.

And you’ve confirmed the error still occurs without the #include "Text/Install Text Data.event"?

//Data installer generated by TextProcess.exe

#include “Tools/Tool Helpers.txt”
#include “Text Definitions.event”

#incext ParseFile “_textentries\0x04DE.txt”

Above is the Install Text Data.event file. When I took it out of the ROM Buildfile, everything works fine. I don’t particularly see anything out of place here, but it’s probably the source of the problem.