Palette swapping a battle background = crash

I’m trying to change this

to this

Palette wise in Usenti it is identical.
And in GBAGE it looks like this

but when i try to import the palette, I become unable to recheck the “compressed” box.

If i try to save and play, the game will hang just before the background loads up.
what do I do?

Are you importing the image as well, or just the palette? What settings did you put on the import?

just the palette.
was talking to blofield

“editing the palette manually 1 color at a time”

Pssh, not while png2dmp is in the alpha stages. Talk to me in the discord sometime about this.

PS: I know where blazer is.

i speak to blazer on the reg.
but I’ll msg u first

I think it might be that GBAGE can’t insert compressed palettes?

If you enter the palette’s offset into the image field, you see this:

That weird thing there is the palette data represented as an image.

I did a raw dump of that and got this:

What you could try is inserting your edited palette to some free space using GBAGE. This will give you the new, uncompressed palette data in a known location.
Then you simply copy it and paste it over the old, uncompressed palette data you got from the raw dump.

Finally you go to the palette location again in GBAGE and this time hit Load Raw instead of Raw Dump. Now you load up your edited palette and insert it. This should give you your compressed palette.

Side note, make sure to check “Abort if new graphics/palette are bigger than old” if you’re not repointing, or else you’re likely to break something.

problem solved.!