Palette adresses

Before asking, make sure to search! Press the :mag: in the upper right to search.

  • Hacking method: FEBuilder
  • Base Game: FE7
The backround image labeled "PreperationsBackgound" under patches in FEBuilder is used many times in FE7. I have encountered its usage in: The shop/Armory, the preparations, and the status screen. Each of those menus use a different palette; under the graphics editor for the "PreparationsBackground" mentioned above, are listed palettes 1C8184, 41E2D8, and CCIC74. None of those are the palettes for the shop screen, which is what i want to change. How do I find the palette address for the shop?

To find it, press F5 to open the ROM with the debugger attached, then go to Etc. → Palette and click on the one that is loaded and that you want to locate, then press “Search”.

Doing this shows that the address of the palette is 41E398.

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I followed your directions yet I only get to this screen.

I only see 02022860 in the search tab and not 41E398. Can you please point to what I am missing?

When you select the palette you want and click “Search”, the hex editor will open at the address that palette is located, which is 41E398.

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