[Paid Opportunity] Indie game Proelium Tactics hiring game/level designer

My name is Anthony and I am the founder of a studio called Proelium Games. We are working on Proelium Tactics, a class based tactical RPG that is heavily based on FE Awakening and the general FE series. This is a remote position unless you are permitted to work in Bulgaria.

We are looking to hire a game and level designer that shares similar passions in the FE tactics space. This is a paid opportunity contract that requires at least part time availability. No Royalties.

Below are some of the responsibilities this position entails. You will be primarily working with CSV spreadsheets (or very light UE4 work handling datatables) and Tiled Map Editor or FE Hacks. No UE4 experience is required but is a plus.

  • Creating balanced, challenging and fun army compositions to work with our procedural spawner and predefined scenarios for quests
  • Managing CSV sheets with units’ stats, equipments and traits
  • Managing item lists for vendors, assigning quests (type, frequency, etc.) to vendors and configuring the recruitable soldier rosters
  • Developing tiered progressions for enemy’s equipment sets
  • Creating new ideas for weapons and armors
  • Creating level layouts in tiled map editor, FE hacks or preferred method

Please e-mail me at contact@proeliumtactics.com with a brief intro of yourself and a link to the projects you have worked on and a folder for images of your level layout designs.


How much does it pay?

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I’m not going to apply but it might be a good idea to clarify whether this is a work from home position or you need to be able to go to the office in person. You’re apparently based in Bulgaria and well, I don’t think we have too many Bulgarians.

It says

This is a remote position unless you are permitted to work in Bulgaria.

So I assume it’s telecommuting.


Whoops, I’m so used to job listings being filled with fluff, my eyes skipped over it.

DOE - Depends on experience and is negotiated with the individual.


No problem Mystic and thanks for pointing it out knabepicer.

So what are the lower and upper ranges of the potential negotiated rate based on your studio’s available financial resources?


The project looks really solid from the screenshots, but the only page with real substance is the job listing page. I get that you’re probably hiring people, but according to a quick search this project has been in development since 2017, and considering the lack of what seems to be there, I am reasonably suspicious of something odd regarding the project.

It looks almost complete from the screenshots, yet the rest of the website is very half-baked from what I can gather. The social media links don’t work, although they do exist.

I’m probably just misunderstanding how things should be, but I feel like part of the hiring process is trying to impress the group of people you’re hiring with how neat your product is. Of course the title is incomplete, but the website and presentation needs more substance than cool screenshots and decent concept art.

Hi Arch,
This is something that would be discussed with an applicant that fits the job responsibilities. If you’re interested in talking more about this feel free to send me an e-mail.

Hi Zoisite,

I started a prototype for this project in 2017 while I was working fulltime in the game industry. I worked on this project in my freetime on weekends for 3 years (and taking a year break due to medical conditions) doing almost everything by myself with occasional contractors here and there and a dedicated programmer who has been on since the beginning. Now in 2020 I have quit my job in the game industry in America and started a small studio in Bulgaria to continue this project fulltime. It’s still the beginning so things are a bit rough as I primarily do everything myself while I expand the team. Making a fully fleshed website is on a lower priority until there is more content to produce to make it worth my limited time until I have more people onboard. As an indie my time and skillsets are stretched and I rather focus them on developing the game and working with my team.

If there’s anything I can clarify for you please feel free to ask.