Opnion in hacks without convoys?

I have been playing the last promise and I really like how the game handles having no convoy, so I would like to have a discussion on what do you guys think of a convoyless hack and which other ways you think you could balance a rom hack around that


It starts to get very hard rotating items between your units if you give too much equipment to the player. If I were to have a non-convoy hack I would make equipment pricier, but have more of an effect on the field. I guess I would also make all weapons unbreakable as well.


I personally would never play a hack without a convoy. I enjoy Fire Emblem because it’s intuitive and simple, having no convoy makes things needlessly complicated with something so simple as equipping your units. I don’t think there’s anything interesting you can do with no convoy, even with a Merlinus type unit, I just think it’s bad design.

Essentially, I think removing the convoy is stupid, and done just to frustrate players. There’s no strategic depth that I think can be added through removing the convoy. The convoy allows for strategic depth through being able to access items and weapons. Removing it just makes the experience worse.


Honestly I got to dissagre I think a convoyless hack could work depending on the lenght of the game and amount of units
but I respect if thats just not your thing


If the items available are limited, Supply is unnecessary.

If the item’s durability is infinite, or if the work has no or few DropItem, then Supply is not necessary.
Of course, in that case, you should not use “capture” either.
On the other hand, if even one of these factors is not met, you will be very inconvenienced without Supply.


I have no issue with convoys as a mechanic, but I think removing them could potentially make the game more strategic, if maybe more frustrating for the player.

Really depends on how it’s handled ig. Making all weapons (or at least common ones) unbreakable would probably help. Also for hacks with small, unprofessional armies, convoys don’t make a ton of sense narrative wise. So I removing could serve to emphasis the story or fantasy of a game.

Yeah I’m still relatively early on the last promise but as an optional treasure there was the “Emblem blade” and it was honestly a pretty cool item to have in a game like that

So yeah probably having some special weapons or the weaker weapons being unbreakable is a good way to handle it

Convoy is QoL, simple as. And not having a convoy, or a way to access it on the map, means more time in Preparations making sure everyone has not only all the items they need, but enough free slots for loot. After a certain point, the less time spent in Preps, the better.


Not having access to the convoy’s contents during a chapter is fine, in my opinion. It asks you to have strategized and it prevents you from teleporting items across the map. Having access to it mid-chapter does mean you don’t get randomly walled by a huge armor knight when you brought no mages; which is very nice.

But having to worry about permanently losing an item forever because you made a tiny mistake or a unit got a critical on an enemy is awful. Being forced to drop items just sucks.

I think that not having to have gotten all items you could want on your units during preparations is nice because it lets you jump into chapters faster; especially since it’s still optimal to have done it correctly the first time. You’ve got to spend actions linking up or passing items around.


that’s just really annoying lol


Personally I don’t like convoy on the lord because I feel it makes their inventory space pointless, I never have to plan beforehand with the lord unit.

I also view the convoy as a utility tool like theft, dancer or staves and as such I feel there is room for it to be more unique such as with fe6/7.

Following this I also feel retrieval from the convoy during battle to be very powerful not as much as dancing but not too far off, as such limiting this with additional transporter unit seems fair.

I want to be clear this only applies to retrieval not sending items that should always be available and is fe6/7 system’s biggest failing.

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Ok here’s my thoughts.
The most part I enjoy of hacks is that, Hacking !! I love when a random person maka a game about Megaman but using a Pokemon Rom. So the same for Fire Emblem.
I like to see new and unique contents. So I would like to play a game using de as base with no convoys. And I personally think that a game like that would be perfect with the following features :
Unbreakable weapons
Low number of weapons in the game
Unique weapons that are specials
Just a few amount of characters with different type of equipable weapons.
So like
Where every single playable characters has only one type of weapon being equipable and the number of weapons are limited by type
Having just one of each type and one better than the other.
Just play with the story and the gameplay.
You can make an unique game using fe as base.
It doesn’t needs to have a convoy.

I also like the idea of having a convoy but just in specific chapters
Like having one special chapter between chapters were you get an unit that will save your items.
But you cannot add it to your team
So you go to the next real battle chapter without convoy just with the items you prepare or get
And when you complete the chapter you will able to manage the equipment of each character again.
It’s like having almost no convoy or at least not at battles.

I also like that.
And I hope you like my thoughts


One way I tried to make Fall of Thabes interesting as a convoyless hack was to give the player an ample supply of three use stat boosters that increase a stat by 1. So they are both weaker and more powerful than Fire Emblem’s traditional stat boosters. But because you don’t have a convoy to stick them into, and very little leisure time to freely use them, finding a free turn to actually make use of the stat boosters has to be worked into a strategy. You might want to use all three of your draco shield uses on the pegasus knight to give +3 defense, but doing so requires spending three of that unit’s turn. Or, you could use and trade around the draco shield either using it all up on one turn when you don’t need three units, or using it on three different units over the course of three different turns.

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