Opinions on two sets of sprites

Hey guys,

I’ve been training myself in the more basic aspects of hacking, and I’m currently working on how to sprite. In sticking with tradition, I tried to splice some basic red and green cavalier portraits, but I diverged during the process. I made two different sets, and I gotta say I’m proud of my progress.

But I really want to get a sense of what the community thinks; the end goal would eventually be to incorporate the portraits into a hack, and a hack isn’t about the author, it’s about the players. So I’m asking for advice on two fronts: the actual technical, graphical aspects of the portraits, and just the overall appeal of them.

As a side note, I always thought that the cavaliers should have some form of head protection. It’s just more knightly, and that why i decided to use Maxime and Cameron as models, plus the two are similar yet different enough to not appear to be straight clones.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

I’m not really an art person, but I think these both look pretty good, and as far as splices go are appealing, but if you plan on doing an actual hack it’s not a bad plan to try and move on to sprites from scratch, or at least incorporate more custom elements into the splices you do to make them seem more unique.

You must have 16 or fewer colors, counting the background as a color.

You also shouldn’t mix colors from different games.

…you realize they are actually recolored clones
the sole difference is literally 6 pixels lol