OC Emblem Redux [7/25 Chapters, 2/8 Gaidens, 27/49 Playable Units, 31 Custom Songs]

Greetings, FEU! After a year or so of restructuring and reworking, I’m proud to present the revival of my romhack, now (informally) titled OC Emblem Redux!

I started over from scratch, this time using FE8 as a base, and overhauled the gameplay, visuals, music, and script so much that 95% of the (admittedly crappy) original has been shredded down to its last atom. Thanks to planning this out a lot more orderly this time around, I now have a general outline planned!

OC Emblem’s features so far include:


7 playable chapters!
2 playable sidequests!
27 playable characters! (3 competent lords!)
31 custom songs including Grasswalk, Terra’s Theme, Loonboon, and… Spider-Man 2’s Pizza Theme?
Fun classes to play with like Ballisticians, Spiders, Golems, and… Chickens?
Fun items to play with like Hookshot, Tri Attack, Brainshock, healing food, and… Wall-Nuts?
A lighthearted crossover story that isn’t afraid of being silly and not taking itself seriously, including an in-game Lore encyclopedia that unlocks more and more articles as you progress through the game! (If you think some things in the hack are too absurd, keep this in mind!)

But that’s enough chitchat for now. Here’s a link to the current patch!
OC Emblem V4 (4/22/2022, goes up to Chapter 7 with optional Chapter 4x and Chapter 5x)
And what’s a hack’s post without some juicy screenshots?


OC Emblem Redux.emulator-23OC Emblem Redux.emulator-25
OC Emblem Redux.emulator-27OC Emblem Redux.emulator-26
OC Emblem Redux.emulator-9OC Emblem Redux.emulator-8image


And here are the credits as well! (Everyone is credited only once for convenience. If you made something used and seen in-game but I forgot to put your name anywhere in the credits, please notify me about it in private on Discord or here so I can rectify the problem.)


Character Concepts: Purple Mage (me), Evielution, Dragoncat, Espurrhoodie, IfIHadToPickADude, COOKIECHEESEMAN, Dumdum, Creamily (Liz), WafflesTheGastrodon, Ariseka/Anka, Popple, Letty Whiterock, Firion, Wolfe, Umbramatic, Elvendracomage, Zoinkerdoinkers
Portraits: CapibaraInSpace, Lenh, Leonarth (non-FEU), NICKT, CanDy/Cygnus, XVI, Citrus, Fenreir, DerTheVaporeon, BatimaTheBat, Zoisite, MeatOfJustice, SomeDenseGuy, Tobiki, Zorua, JeyTheCount, Wasdye, Roxannity, Sterling Glovner, Hugin, SeaLion, Stitch, Kanna, BreezeBender
Battle/Spell/Map Animations: SHYUTERz, HIROTO, L95, St jack, Aegius, Black Mage, Jj09, Furious Squid, Eldritch Abomination, Marlon0024, Asael, Teraspark, Russel Clark, Orihara_Saki, Pikmin1211, Maiser6, Skitty, GabrielKnight, eCut, Temp, Blue Druid, Mercenary Lord, NYZGamer, Vilkalizer, Memae, BwdYeti, Velvet Kitsune, Author_Pendragon, Seal, Glenwing, Andy, SD9K, Keks_Krebs, Beccarte, Flasuban, Nuramon, Pushwall, Mikey Seregon, Alfred Kamon, Alusq, SqrtOfPi, Pokécommunity
Maps/Tilesets: PentV, N426, ZoramineFae, Venno, Contro, TheAuraWolf, MaxTheMagelord
Item Icons: Tristan_Hollow/Ruby, Obsidian Daddy, Beansy, Valak, Topaz
Music: Sme, pandan, MrGreen3339, RSflame, Retina
Menu Stuff: SaXor the Nobody, Runa
Playtesting: S_G, Salts, SirSpensir, DAT
FEBuilder: 7743

That’s all for now, so if you have any feedback or thoughts please let me know! I hope you can all enjoy my personal passion project of a romhack!


Is this the pogger


yes very much so, good sir

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The Mini Jelly description sounds similar to the Oozium units from AWDS :open_mouth:


This looks amazing! The color scheme is probably my favorite I’ve ever seen in a hack(I am alittle biased towards purple and blue since that’s my favorite color combination) and I’ll be rooting for the completion of this as well! Good luck my friend as I know it’ll be good(I’ve also played a PME that you’ve done in the past so I know that this gonna be a good one).


Hey all, thanks for the support so far! I’ve updated the patch quite a lot over the past week or so, since it was mostly polishing and little fixes here and there, I’ve used the same link. I hope you’re all enjoying the hack so far!

Part of the hotfixes include: Bugfixes, rebalancing, and aesthetic weather! Chapters 1 and 4 both have snow you can enjoy without having to trudge through the sloggy reduced movement!

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Hi guys, new update is out, including Chapter 5 and tons of early chapter polish. The original post has been updated with the link to the new patch.
In the meantime, have some screenshots:
OC Emblem Redux.emulator-8OC Emblem Redux.emulator-9
And to celebrate the hack’s planned playable cast being finalized, here’s a tier list maker for some more fun: https://tiermaker.com/create/oc-emblem-characters-final-roster-tier-list-1429345


Hi guys. Minor update today. Chapter 5x is out now. Here’s a screenshot:
And don’t worry, the rain is just aesthetic. Enjoy the chicken chapter!


Chapter 6 is here! Did plenty of things behind the scenes to get this chapter up and running. Enjoy the game!



I’ve uploaded Chapter 7. I was gonna wait until I finished Chapter 7x to post a new update so we’d have the entirety of Act 1 released, but I kinda got tired lately. Hope you all enjoy!


Good job! Also, don’t push yourself, rest