OC Emblem [COMPLETE, 25/25 Chapters]

Stuck on Chapter 7X in the room. What am I supposed to do?

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Figured it out. Never saw that option before maybe it was a glitch

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The option not showing for me

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You need to equip Emily’s Hookshot so you can Lunge into the side room with the skeleton.

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Yuro uses human footsteps sounds, literally unplayable, please fix. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Some hint about secret hop?

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Alright. Spoiler time! Most of these aren’t explicit, just hints. :stuck_out_tongue:

Secret Shops

Chapter 8: There’s a throne, but the objective isn’t Seize. Hmmmmm…
Chapter 10/10x: Where does Link initially emerge from when entering Hyrule Castle’s courtyard in A Link to the Past?
Chapter 11: If you’ve played Advance Wars 2, it’s where the lab map was in the original map.
Chapter 13: It’s in the eye of the beholder. :wink:
Chapter 14: Between the shops.
Chapter 15: See Chapter 8.
Chapter 15x: Why’s there a random inn high above the land?
Chapter 17: Upper right corner of the central room.
Chapter 18: Khajiit has wares, if you have coin.
Chapter 19: See Chapters 8 and 15.
Chapter 20: “Come and look upon the Heart.” -Dagoth Ur
Chapter 20x: Say, where’d that Griffon Rider down south get his Delta Shield?
Chapter 21: Between the bridges, in the exact middle.
Chapter 22/22x: Where Chester and Mr. Hat’s shops were in Shovel Knight’s world map.
Chapter 23: “BEHOLD, Matthew the Selenian Prince! The SECRET SHOP-INATOR! …the objective’s not seize, I’m sure you know where this is going. I may have also misfired this thing and placed down another Secret Shop somewhere else on the map…”
Chapter 24: Within range of the Death Ray.

Have fun looking for all of them! >:)

How much more useful is Steal+ than Steal in this hack? Trying to decide who to use between Valentin and Violet.

All weapons and staves are buyable for cheap so there is no real reason for steal+ really

we’re Valentin gaming then

When you think about it, Valentin is better off as an assassin, and Violet as a trickster. Valentin has better strength and defences (Albeit his health pool is similar to that of mages), While violet has higher health and magic.

To be fair so far I have gotten heart crystals in droves. I think I have around 6 in the convoy so I can patch Valentin up with those.


I was just checking if the hack is completely finished? Like with all supports and PE and everything? If not what would I be missing if i start now?

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It’s hard to get in the groove of writing supports, so the only Supports written so far are:
Yukiko & Yuro (C/B/A)
Rickson x Elowyn (C/B/A)
Skye x Kirk (C/B/A)
Salazar x Safira (C/B, A not written but effect implemented)
Martin & Matthew (C)
Krielle x Matthew (C)

Aside from that, the three lords automatically gain Support ranks with each other at different points during the story.

What do you mean by PE?


Thanks so PE means paired ending.

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When applicable, most characters have paired endings by default to save myself the trouble of writing multiple endings for each character. :smiling_face_with_tear:

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