OC Emblem [Alpha 1.1.1] [Act 1 Complete]


Here’s OC Emblem! The most ambitious crossover has finally been released! Featuring:

20 OCs from people including yours truly, Dragoncat of Serenes Forest, FEU community members, and even fanfic writers such as COOKIECHEESEMAN!
More OCs hidden in the game’s code, ready for implementation!
A plethora of classes ranging from Ballisticians to Mage Knights to Hussars (Great Knights)!
Fun new items to play with, such as Crossbows, Sickles, and a Tri Attack spell!
Resistance=Magic, just like Thracia!
8 playable chapters so far, from the Prologue to Chapter 6!

Class List: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uph65nzKLRq3VbawAXOHxaVkgtvZYyXsb8gOIBhvVOc/edit?usp=sharing
Character Spreadsheet and Credits: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RRicQZlCwZL5GrZ25kbh_gn9zTOnoLsVA426v0Mkshs/edit?usp=sharing
Link to Patch Alpha 1.0.0
Link to Patch Alpha 1.0.1
Link to Patch Alpha 1.1.0
Link to Patch Alpha 1.1.1
Have fun! Let me know what you’d like to see in later builds!
Other Credits: Nickt who made the F2U mug which I based Rosalyn off of, CardCaph who made the BK mug used for Raxus, and everyone who made the custom animations. Thanks, y’all!


why do you only have two genders


Some believe the Infinity Stones, tokens of the MCU’s power, are necessary to maintain order. But they’re wrong, teacher. The Infinity Stones are to blame.


Why are the gods all Pokemon?
Also for some reason Batta can’t use his hand axeOC%20Emblem-1


You’ll see in later builds. :wink:
As for that bug, I fixed it now. Redownload the patch.


Chest keys are, um… very broken. This happened when I used a chest key, when winning road started playing. While there were still enemies around, it just did the light effect on the chest and nothing happened.
(Merc dies)
(Also, the merc died on the last enemy phase to the player merc guy, then when I used the chest key, he got resurrected, exposed to the light, died, and then game overed.)


Fix’d. Also fixed a bug where Chapter 2’s boss couldn’t equip his weapon.


I started playing your hack last night. It’s good, but I’m finding it rather easy at the moment, what with all the rations available. I’m at chapter 3.

So far I like how your items look, and how you named them.I also like how the characters look. The archer’s mug suffers from a blinking disorder, not her eyes, just that on her hair some pixels appear and disappear. I can fix that for you if you allow it, or you can edit it if you want, I just thought I pointed it out. Batta also couldn’t use his hand axe, but I think you have dealt with that. What I did was just ignore that and moved on.


Version Alpha 1.0.1 is out now, featuring Chapter 4 and some bug fixes, including the infamous chest key glitch. Check OP for the link to the patch!

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Chapter 5 is out now, signifying the end of Act 1! Here’s some screenshots to celebrate!tarifpromo RaxusRecruit


Chapter 6 is out now, although it’s more of a filler defend chapter. Still, have fun!

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