Obscure Request - Old Unfinished Hack

Good morning,

Long time romhack fan, first time poster.
I came to this forum hoping to find assistance with getting my hands on a copy of an old patch from Serenes Forest back in the day (early 2010s). I recently fired up my old PSP to play some of the old patches (my old favorites were Will of Elimine and Attack of the Morphs) and one of my files is corrupt. The hack is called League of Champions. The original forum for it is still up on Serenes Forest.

Unfortunately, the download link is long dead. I tried reaching the creator on Serenes Forest directly to see if they still had the patch but my attempts have been unsuccessful. If anybody would be able to point me in the right direction and help me relive the early days of Fire Emblem hacking, I would be eternally grateful.

Thank you for taking the time to read the obsessive request of a diehard hacking fan.




Well didn’t expect this of all things
I’m going to assume you’re referring to the kalath versions in the desert?

That’s the one! I remember being super into it for a while. I used to crawl the forums for any hack I could get my hands on, no matter how unfinished they were, to download to my old PSP.

I was pretty poor as a kid, so there weren’t a lot of new games available in my house usually. Playing rom hacks of GBA and SNES games made me feel like I had a huge library anyway.

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I normally would never do something like this but I guess I’ll make an exception and repost it assuming I can find it

Also I am the creator if that wasn’t obvious


Thank you for checking. Regardless of whether or not it turns up, being able to momentarily share my nostalgia has been a fantastic if obscure treat.


I managed to find it on my old laptop, I’ll make a topic for it when I can transfer the files

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Wow, thank you very much. You’ve made my day.

Well this thread got me interested in this hack. What is it about?

I only remember vague snippets of the story since I haven’t played it in a decade, so I’ll let the original project description speak for itself:

Basically the “main” character is a bandit who you know, pillages. But one day, one of his friends happens to steal some mystical earrings(I know, odd right?) that happen to belong to the Marquess of Caelin and they all become wanted and stuff. So during part one, you get all your allies and stuff and battle your way to Caelin against various groups such as the black fang. Turns out there is major corruption in Caelin, Pherae and Laus and this leads a major character to do things that will eventually affect our little bandit group later on. But that won’t be until part 3.

What I remember most fondly about playing this hack was the gameplay features. There were new character classes that blew me away at the time. My mind was blown at the time because there were all types of different armor knights in the hack (sword armor and axe armor, maybe bow armor) as enemies. I thought it was the coolest thing back in the day prior to experiencing Tellius and Jugdral.


sounds interesting I’ll check it out whenever possible

holy crap you played the original old old version, like the first version I had on FE7 how is that even possible did I release that??? lmao


well that’s not the version I found, but it’s up currently: Fire Emblem: League of Champions

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Thank you so much for doing this. This is truly the kindest Fire Emblem community around.


Wowzers! For its time, I have to admit I’m extremely impressed with this hack. Will definitely check out as well

(Apologies for replying here, wanted to comment on the actual post but was unable with it being in the archives <: )

So this hack is not complete though right?

Nope nor will I be returning to work on it further

Well that’s unfortunate. If I may ask why is that?

It’s from my late highschool/early college days and poorly written lol
The plot falls in on itself as well.
It’s so old it might as well have been written by someone else at this point, as I have no idea what I was going for

Well you could maybe one day make a new story with the basis of this one. It could be an interesting experiance, (Not forcing you or anything)