NPC gain XP?

Something like this could allow people to create co op hacks.
Could it be done easily?

Easily, no, but theoretically it shouldn’t be too bad, provided that only 1 combatant is gaining exp/leveling up.

Write 0x80 at 0x2ba0e and 0x17e9c (FE8)

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Does this exist for FE7? I just tried to change the same bit, but it freezes the game after an NPC defeats another unit. Im also using your control NPC and enemy bit change, it works fine in FE7

Write 0x80 At 0x29574 and 0x29648(Not tested, but i think it should work)

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IT WORKS. Dude, you are good at this. One last Thing, you now the enemy and NPC control bit changing that Circles found, can you make it just to control NPC, but enemies keep their AI?

It kinda works…I just realized that i used a ram hack…a cheat code 0x0202bd59:63 and 0x0203a3f9:63. you start with 99 exp so you lvl each battle.The NPC start with no exp, and not even 0 exp, but they start with - - so they win no exp, but if they have exp, as for the cheat code, after you gain exp you get 99 each time afer, yo can keep wining exp.

hmmm, maybe there is a check for if the unit is an ally before writing the exp to it’s data in ram. I am not on my computer right now, So i will look at it later.

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If you spawn the unit as an ally and change the unit to NPC, they will have 0 exp rather than - - and should be able to gain exp.
Also, to control only NPC and not enemies, change 17 to 0A at 0x153EA

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Thanks Shane, it works. Also, for the Change i would like to find a more permanent solution. But it works too