Not used to introductions haha

Hi, I’m Natan, but you can call me Nate or Nat :3.

I’ve been doing the game-making thing for a while, and have always been interested in the FE romhacking scene, but never got to it.
Yet, recently I found myself working on an SRPG project heavily inspired by my beloved GBA FEs. I started searching for guides on map design and enemy design again and said “yknow what, I should get in with the fun people, I have nothing to lose!”.

Am excited to share what I have and gather feedback, but most importantly, just talk about FE with other people at all (you see, the series is not very popular in Brazil, where I’m from haha).


What particular game are planning on tackling?

a somewhat original strategy rpg that borrows a lot from Blazing Sword and, for technical limitations, Gaiden
funny story, it started as a romhack, but i couldn’t use the tools very well XD so i moved to a traditional game engine

i’m thinking of writing an intro post to that project, do you think it should be in #projects ?

Depends on how far your in…may start with concepts?

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i have screenshots to share; a gameplay build will be public in a month or so? just three maps tho…

took your advice and made a post in concepts, thanks!
although, i couldn’t embed any screenshots, gave me an error…

Hello, fellow brazilian. :wave: Hit me up with a DM if you need some pointers.

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Welcome Nate!

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Welcome !!! I understand what you mean about this kind of games not being popular in your country cause that happens in mine too xD ( I’m cuban )
I already replied you on your concept project thread so I will looking forward to it. Greetings

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