Not-so-dirty not-so-little-secret thread

When I run out of clean boxers to wear I just wear basketball shorts instead until I do my laundry.

@L95 you’re next. Tell us a silly thing you do then nominate someone else to spill it!


…weird things.

What weird things do I do…


I… like to yell swear words when I am driving alone, but I wonder if everyone secretly does that. Bonus: I screw up i and e a lot, I misspell and then correct the word weird so much.

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i was mildly tempted to edit my name out of that post and tag someone else but nah



i prefer to sleep on a mattress pad laying on the floor than on an actual bed (whether the bed has a pad on it is irrelevant)

@Agro pls


I nominate @namelessRegent next :smiley:

I’m sorry I forgot

I use a knife in my left hand and a fork in my right


@namelessRegent you’re up

I… um… it took a while to come up with a good one. (This one probably isn’t even good, but oh well.)
I still eat cereal meant for kids every morning. Then again, I get it from my residence’s cafeteria, so it’s not that awkward, but still. (And I always thought my little sister had the sweet tooth… she even shares her birthday with Gaius! Not that she’ll ever play Fire Emblem.)
@Arch-senpai! You’re up next! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been caught up by the police twice in my life; both times while at a park at night. I’m 2-0 in getting the cops to pose for commemorative photos (better than mugshots). And also never been pulled over once, despite being described by many as a “reckless driver.”

@BwdYeti tell us your secrets.

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dude cinnamon toast crunch is a drug.

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[5:04:23 PM] reservedArtist: Also, Arch called you out on FEU to spill one of your dirty secrets.
[5:04:35 PM] BwdYeti: oh well
[5:04:45 PM] reservedArtist: Go. Do it.
[5:04:50 PM] BwdYeti: nah
[5:11:26 PM] reservedArtist: :frowning:
… Damnit.


Yeti is boring

wow basic

Well, if Yeti is so much of a god that he has no dirty secrets, then who’s up next?