Not getting exp on promoted Units in Pale Flower of darkness

Hello guys, i have this issue, when i kill promoted units in pale flower of darkness im not getting any expirience, it looks like only some of them are afected by this. On Jerme chapter, looks like there is not any promoted unit that will give exp. and on Kenneth chapter only the first General will give exp, and the sage will not. I only made two changes. Crazed beast is avaliable on Eliwood mode, and fixed the spell animation insertion on feditor…Dont ask me how, just pasted some code from a fresh rom…I cannot even replicate that now. But the point is…Maybe has something to do with the events, cause in other chapters i keep getting exp from promoted Units…ANY FIXING POSIBLE??

Check characters in character editor.
Not giving exp is a character ability so just get rid of that

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Well Ghast, thank you, i did not think that the solution was that easy…It is werid, the chars that had this issue had a strange byte combination, and a 09 byte at the end, that is drop last item plus not give exp…and many other werid bytes in the skills…I did not do that, it is strange how bytes sometimes get crazy, is it not?

happens occasionally. ROMhacking is frustrating as fuck.

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some units that have item abilities ending in 08 are mistaken for pointers by programmes like FEditor


So if i correct them i might fuck something else right?

Food for thought: it might have something to do with the check that gives you Harken/Karel based on the amount of promoted enemies that you’ve defeated by a certain turn.

No, but if someone had character abilities set to 00 00 D0 08 and you replaced all pointers to 0xD00000 then it would fuck up your character abilities. Does that make sense?

Nope, i think it was Feditors Doing, Feditor has that bad habit of messing with chars table, but i dont now why…It seems like nothing is corrupted so far…

Edit: IT WAS FEDITORS DOING…Those pointers where the ones for my cavalier animations, they borked as soon as i Fixed the skills…-_- but still dont know why Feditor does that.