Non-healing staves can only target injured allies after installing SkillSystems Patch on FE8


I’m new to romhacking, after I installed the SkillSystems patch, non healing staves like Warp, Rescue, Silence, etc. stop working properly and can only be used when there’s an injured ally on the map (staves like Warp and Rescue can only target injured allies, Restore and Barrier break the game if I try to use them), I’d be really appreciated if any experts here can detect what the problems are and help me fix them! Thanks in advance.

We can’t really help if we don’t have enough information.

Are you using FEBuilder or buildfiles?
If the former:
-Have you sent a report7z so we can take a look ourselves?
-What Skill Systems version are you using?
-What other patches are installed?
-Did you edit the staves at all?

If the latter:
-If you’re using skillsystems master, maybe ask about it in the #skill-system-dev channel on the FEU discord server.
-You could also post your project folder on github for other people to help find the problem. (Remember to put *.gba in your gitignore)


Thanks for the response! I forgot that I can send a report to you guys directly through FEBuilder, I sent a report file that include some detailed explanation about the problem, I’m so sorry this and thank you.

Creating the report just makes a file on your computer. Please send it.

I sent it and got my issues resolved, thank you.

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