Noguchi, Snek, and Accvsator play Fire Emblem as the "Avenir Stream Team!"

Hey guys, Noguchi here!

Those in the Legends of Avenir discord are probably well aware of the recent amount of livestreams we’ve been doing of Fire Emblem and various other games, and we decided we’d like to make it a bit more public!

So, what is this?

@Snakey1, @GNAEVS_ACCVSATOR , and I are going to be doing various playthroughs of Fire Emblem games together! Accvsator and Snakey started this off with an FE7 draft run of HHM, and it was pretty fun to watch them struggle through it (Accvsator is done with his, Snakey is still working on it).

But what’s next?

Currently, the three of us are doing an FE8 Ephraim Hard Mode Draft with no Seth allowed! This is all noncompetitive, just a fun way to replay the games and have fun chatting with each other while we do it. No racing, just completely chill. Once we’re done with the FE8 Draft, we’ll see where we go next!

“Hey this sounds cool, where can I watch?”

Glad you asked!

Accvsator’s Perspective - VODs Here
Noguchi’s Perspective - VODs Here
Snakey1’s Perspective
Avenir Stream Team Multitwitch

We also are always chatting in the LoA #general voice chat while we stream so you can feel free to join and chat along with us if you want! You can always feel free to join to hang out, watch the VODs or Livestreams, or ignore this post completely! Just a fun thing for the three of us to be a bit more active in the community.

Thanks everyone! I’ll be updating this post as progress is made on our respective playthroughs, but I likely won’t post when we specifically go live just to avoid spamming (also because there’s three of us and we aren’t always live at the same time) so if you want specific notifications, follow us at the above links and join the LoA Discord!

FE7 Draft

FE8 Draft


This ACCVSATOR guy sounds like a nerd.