No hit animation for new weapon [FE builder] (solved)


I want to create a new bow for my hack. So I copy the data of an iron bow to a new item. Change his id, and change the stat according to what I want.

Everything work well, except for the animation. I test it with an ennemy who shoot me with this bow. The animation start well until we should see the arrow hitting the target. There no arrow display, no dogde or hurt animation after that. It’s just the animation, the character can take damage and be kill.

So what I forget to do to rectify the animation?

Go to:

  • Item editor
  • Your new weapon
  • Click Magic Animations at the bottom
  • Go to battle animations
  • Click arrow (it’s number 2 in FE7, not sure about FE8 or 6)
  • Save

Should work then, I believe.