Nintenlord's Utilities

Legal: All of my work can be freely distributed and modified as long as the following conditions are met:

  • Origin of my work is not misinterpreted (in other words, credits are given etc.).
  • Re-modification is made as easy as possible (include source code etc.).
  • Modifying my work makes it better than it was before.
  • No money is made by anyone except me.
  • You can use them in your hacks as much as you want, just remember to give credit.

Nightmare Modules

Download my FE6 modules.
Download my FE7 modules.
Download my FE8 modules.

New modules
Battle screen editors (FE6, FE7, FE8)
Map sprite editors (FE7, FE8)
Recruitment editor (FE8)
Event data pointer table (FE8)
Quote editors (FE6, FE7, FE8)
Crit Bonus editors (FE6, FE7, FE8)
Level cap editor (FE6, FE8)
Promotion level editor (FE6, FE7, FE8)
S rank bonus editor (FE7)
Support bonus editor (FE6, FE7, FE8)
Arena class editor (FE7)
Summon editors (FE8)
Afa drob bonus editor (FE7)
Boss music editor (FE8)

Class editor (FE6, FE7, FE8)
Character editor (FE6, FE7, FE8)
Chapter Data Editor (FE7, FE8)
Item Editor (FE7)
Terrain stat editor (FE7)
Spell association editor (FE7)
Animation pointer table editor (FE7)

Editing Utilities

NOTE: Unless otherwise specified, my utilities all require latest .NET (Windows) or Mono (other OS’s) to be installed to your computer.

GBA Graphics Editor
Newest version: V 2.2

  • Can edit palette’s, graphics and TSA in GBA ROMs.

Nintenlord’s Compressor
Newest version: V 4.2
-Supports multiple compression schemes.
-Extendible compression support. Project template for custom compressions included.

MAR array inserter
-Inserts MAR arrays made with Mappy to the ROM.

Tiled map inserter
Newest version: V 1.4
-Inserts tmx files used by Tiled map editor.
-Can insert tile changes as well.
-Comes with Tiled FE6, FE7 and FE8 tilesets.

Event assembler
Newest version: V 9.10
-Supports FE7, FE8 and FE6 in varying amounts. FE6 and FE7 support is nearly complete, but FE8 support is getting better.
-Can both assemble and disassemble event codes.

Multi File Inserter
-Inserts multible files of binary data in another file and prints the inserted offsets.

Multi image converter
-Can convert from/to 9 different formats, including BMP, PNG, GIF and others.

Nintenlord’s UPS patcher
-More options than tsukuyomi.

Sappy XML file editor
-Requires .NET 3.5 or whatever equivalent Mono version.

Source codes
-Contains the latest source of pretty much every program here. Large download, 7MB size.


Contains only UPS files.
FE6 Patches
FE7 Patches
FE8 Patches

Steal hack
-Available: FE6, FE7, FE8
-Makes weapons stealable.
-Enemy AI doesn’t know how to steal weapons, though.

AS hack
-Available: FE6, FE7, FE8
-Makes AS to be counted from strength/magic instead of constitution.

Move after battles
-Available: FE6, FE7, FE8
-Mounted units can move after attacking and healing like in Fe 4, 5, 9, 10.

Level reset
-Available: FE6, FE7, FE8
-Level and experience don’t reset after promotion.
-It still shows level resetting in promotion screen, but that doesn’t affect anything.

Character banner hack
-Available: FE7
-Control who can be selected in the preparations screen.
-Doesn’t effect chapters without prep screen.

Character forcer hack
-Available: FE7
-Control who is forced to the chapter in the preparations screen.
-Main character is always forced, though this can be changed but requires a re-assembly of the source.
-Doesn’t effect chapters without prep screen.

Anti Huffman patches
-Available: FE6, FE7 and FE8
-Credits to Zled for creating original AH patches and to Twikiltri from creating parser that inspired Zled to make AH patches.

Repairing merchant patch
-Available: FE7
-When you store an item to storage, it gets repaired automatically for a cost.

No easy mode
-Available: FE8
-As the name says, you can’t select easy mode for difficulty with this patch.

Walking sound patch
-Available: FE6, FE7, FE8
-Allows changing classes walking sound much easier.
-FE8 version doesn’t currently effect monster classes save for Draco-Zombies.

Restore the Rekka no Ken title screen
-Available: FE7
-Adds the subtitle and small Fire Emblem title to the title screen.
-Has the side-effect of killing the class roll.


FE8 Mappy tilesets
-Compressed with 7z, so use 7-zip to uncompress it.

My FE hacking notes
-Contains Str/Mag split and Skill patch documentation and source. Both unfinished.

Please report any bugs or glitches you find to me and ask if you have any questions (after reading the possible readme, of course).


Bump with some important info on the Class Walking SFX patch. I don’t see it written down anywhere, so the pointer to the array is at 0x6CB70 and by default points to D70000. You need to paste the table in from the .bin provided (this offset is probably somewhere in the .asm but I keep forgetting so I’ll just write it down).

Event Assembler Version 9.11

The event codes were starting to get a bit outdated for new research (especially on AI and FE8 support), so I’ve updated a lot of the codes, added new overloads for commands, and added many aliases and macros.

The two most significant changes are the AI overhauls (UNIT now accepts AI as [AI1, AI2] AI3 AI4, with macros/definitions for each. See AI Helpers in the standard library.), and the inclusion of Venno’s FE8 raw definitions.

Full changelog is both below and in the README2.txt and EAstdlib.event files.


V 9.11
-Crazycolorz5's Edits.
-Great AI update.
-Finally fixed the great FE7 IFAT/IFAF mixup.
-Integrated the many FE8 raws that Venno identified.
-Added many aliases for existing codes.
-Added a ton of macros. See EA standard library for full list.
-Changed name of "EA Standard library" to "EA Standard Library".
-Updated EA Standard Library to 3.0.


V 3.0 (Crazycolorz5's edits)
-FE6, FE7, FE8: Changed AI macros. Old ones are accessable through #define OLD_AI before including EASTDLIB. New AI only defines bytes for AI1 and AI2. Macros are there to aid in byte-by-byte construction. Major overhaul of the AI definitions.
-FE7, FE8: Separated AI definitions into AI Helpers.
-FE6, FE7: Overloaded flash cursor on a character with a version that didn't take the dummy time parameter.
-FE7, FE8: Integrated Escape Point Helper macros EscapePointPointerTable and NPCEscapePointPOinterTable. Declare escape point with EscapePoint(XX,YY,exit_direction) and EscapePointEnd. Change location of the table by redefining EscapePointTableOffset and NPCEscapePointTableOffset (shouldn't be nexessary to repoint the table).
-FE7: Changed music definitions to have proper capitalization ("Livestaff_map"->"LiveStaff_map"). Also added localized names. ("LiveStaff_map"->"HealStaff_map")
-FE7, FE8: Changed FE7 and FE8 Definitions to be more modern (eg "IronSpear" -> "IronLance", "Naglfal" -> "Naglfar")
-FE7: Added EndRumble
-FE8: Fixed typo in Journeyman_3 definition
-FE7: Added Lightning effect macro from EN
-FE6, FE7, FE8: Added NoItems definition from EN
-FE6, FE7, FE8: Added TurnEventNPC from EN
-FE7, FE8: Added BecomeAlly/Enemy/NPC aliases for TurnAlly/Enemy/NPC
-FE7: Added RunCharacterEndings from EN
-FE7: Added ClearAllUnits alias to UnitClear
-FE7: Added Drop macro from EN
-FE7: Added macros FireTrap, GasTrap/PoisonTrap
-FE7: Added DeathQuoteTable and BattleQuoteTable macros. You can change where the table is by defining DQPointerTable and BQTableOffset (Thanks to Agro, though I modified the macro a bit)


Coming soon:

Version 9.12

  • Improved FE8 support
  • Conditionals’ default behavior changed to that of label/goto/conditional_goto. Backwards compatibility support will be present, of course.
  • If I end up delving into the source code, #include and #incbin fix, improved disassembly that tracks referenced labels rather than looking for a simple ENDA/ENDB.
  • UNIX support?

Event Assembler Version 9.12

I’m probably rushing this release a bit, but I want to get one final working build out so people can utilize the things I’m trying to popularize with installing assembly hacks before I edit the source and release V10.0.

Here’s the changelog:


V 9.12
-Aliased BYTE as CODE for both backwards compatibility and usage of #incbin
-Bundled Hack Installation and AI Assembly into Extensions folder.
-FE7, FE8: Added expanded templates for use in making hack buildfiles.
-Updated EA Standard Library to 3.1.


V 3.1
-FE6, FE7, FE8: Made MUS1 into MUSC(music change), MUS2 into MUSS (music save), MUS3 into MUSM (music more). Added old definitions in #define BACKWARDS_COMPATABILITY
-FE6: Added QuakeStart and QuakeStop (thanks to circleseverywhere)
-FE6: Added modernized definitions in the definitions file.
-Fixed typo in FE7's Backwards Compatibility.
-FE8: Fixed typo that made SOUN code be FADU code. (Thanks to MK404)
-FE8: Added "Silent" in music definitions as 0x7FFF
-FE8: Added GiveMoney(amount) macro to help with that.
-FE8: Added SVAL/SMOV aliases to SETVAL. Changed SLOTS_ADD to SADD and other assembly-like commands. 
-EAStdLib: Separated out conditional helps from Misc Helpers to Conditional Helpers
-FE8: Added CLEAN and PREP codes. The macro is the way to go, but these will show up in disassembly.
-FE8: Added r0-r13/rD defintions for the setval slots. QP for QueuePointer 
-FE8: Added SkirmishEvents for repointing of Skirmish Events, but I don't think we're ready to mess with this yet.
-FE8: Added FlashWhite/FlashBlack macros.
-FE8: Fixed ENIF not having a definition in backwards compatibility for conditionals
-FE8: Added ClearBackground macro.

I might make one more release (9.13) with more things in Backwards Compatibility just for @AlfredKamon, but otherwise expect the next release (10.0) to be actually groundbreaking.

Edit: Reminder to test this out with some of your events before getting rid of that old EA folder.


Assuming everything here is considered “your work”, then I have a problem(not really me, but Nintendo might). I noticed that in your “My FE hacking notes” section, the download provides the downloader with a .zip file with certain files, ranging from chapter events to patches. However, I noticed that in the “FE7” folder, inside the “Event Data” folder, inside the “Disassembled world maps” folder, contains a [1235]Fire Emblem 7 ROM. I would recommend removing that from that folder and any other folder that may contain that.

Firstly, Nintenlord isn’t really active anymore, so he can’t, really.
Secondly, his notes aren’t so much tools he made as rather just misc. research and info. It’s not ordered, in any case.

Oh, okay. Well, I thought I would just point that out.

While the modules work, most other links don’t work which is a real shame, considering how helpful they are. You might care or not, but I just needed to point it out.

this link is down!

Nintenlord’s resources are backed up in the Unified FE Hacking Doc Dropbox.

TiledMapInserter specifically is in Hacking > GBA > TiledMapInserter.

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