Nils/Ninian character split?

Hey guys, I did a quick search but couldn’t find any info on how fe7 handles the shared character info for nils and Ninian. Does any one have any idea of how exactly it works, and if it is possible, to do it with multiple characters, and if so with more than 2 “generations”

Thanks guys!

From what I remember, I think there’s an event call or something that does the swap between the two. It’s hardcoded to those two characters, IIRC, but I would guess it would be possible with some effort and coding to extrapolate it to any two given character IDs…

Edit - I too can’t find it on here anywhere; it’s possible I remember reading it on SF though.

Thanks man! I was pretty sure I saw something on here about it a while ago, I’m assuming it would take some ASM wizardry!

Since I can’t find it on SF at the moment either, I’d disassemble whatever chapter it is when they swap power/energy and look through the events to see if you can pinpoint the chunk that executes the code.

Once that’s known, it should just be a matter of someone backtracing it and generalizing the existing routine and rewriting it in place or writing a new implementation and setting it up. Trouble might be getting someone to do it though.

Blazer’s character changer hack is what you’re looking for.


@alusq thank you so much!