Nightmares, Thracia, and Dawn: How do you use them? (Thracia Part Solved, RD Part Still Open)

I cannot figure out how to run the Nightmare Modules on either Thracia 776 (All ROMS, NP included) or Radiant Dawn (Euro ISO). In the latter’s case, I’d assume somebody used an American ISO, but why Thracia is such an unwilling jerk is beyond me. Is anybody aware of what the names of the right versions are, or at least do you have them? If this is illegal and cannot be discussed, please let me know, but I only wanted Fire Mage Tormod and 10% Move Growth Dashin.

Thracia 776 -> Notice if there is a header. Offset ± 200h
Radiant Dawn -> Use GC-Tool to extract FE8data.bin from the ISO.

Sorry, but where do I find that offset? In the modules or the ROM?

And GC-Tool only helped for extracting Path of Radiance’s data.

That would be the modules, I believe. You check if the ROM has a header.

@Tequila and @MisakaMikoto

Thanks so much in the Thracia department, it worked out brilliantly.

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