Nightmare help

What program do I run with nightmare snes edit I did it thx for the help

Can you elaborate please?

So my computer needs to open up nightmare like note pad or something like that

I don’t know what you’re trying to do

Basically I can’t open nightmare

Nightmare and Nightmare 2 are table editors; you just run the program.

For Nightmare 1, the file you run is Nightmare.exe. Then, once it’s opened, you need to open your ROM by clicking File->Open Rom.... Then, you can open the Nightmare modules (.nmm files you may have obtained when downloading Nightmare or from someplace else) by clicking Modules->Load Modules....

For Nightmare 2, the file you run is Nightmare 2.jar (which is in the dist folder of the distribution). Nightmare 2 requires that you have Java installed. Load your ROM by clicking Select File and load your module(s) by clicking Open Module.

The Nightmare modules you find are just text files with the extension .nmm; you can open them in a text editor if you want to look at or modify them.


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