I changed it myself.



I stand by my opinion that the cobblestone looked square and ugly next to the grass.


Mm, the corner cobblestones do look wonk but I still don’t see the problem with the other stone tiles.

As for something else because the train never stops:

“Man of Gold” version 1.
I got far into this before deciding that it just seemed boring aesthetically, it wasn’t doing what I wanted and it had nothing to offer otherwise, so I started a second wip:

Version 2, where the boss is hiding behind four locked doors and you have to defeat four minibosses to open them.

What’s the max size for an FEGBA map?


36 x 36, though so long as its total value is below 1,296 i believe it should work (for example i believe a 30 x 40 map should work well a 40 x 40 map would not)


Ehhh It’s not that simple; I can’t remember the notes that xeld left perfectly, but I know he noted that certain tiles(vertical ones vs horizontal ones) take up more memory and thus cause issues given the specific layout. IE a 30 x 40 might work but a 40 x 30 wouldn’t, despite them being the same size.

I’d have to dig to get these facts completely straight.


yeah dunno klok yours looks worse in my opinion

keep doing what U doing Nickt


Excerpt with redaction from the chapter overview:


that map is… excellent!!


That is a lot of treasure to get…oh my


hmm, well the widest map ive seen inserted was i believe in the last promise which has a map about 60 or so tiles across (probably wrong about that mind) so i know they can be pretty wide atleast. didnt know that about height though thank you, that would be important to keep in mind…


I’m pretty sure this was unintentional, but it made me laugh, lmao

Why not both, though


If you want me to go into detail about why these maps would all be horrible to play, I could. That’s not the intention here though. In terms of aesthetics these all look really damn cool so shoutouts. I can’t imagine the seven hells you went through doing that huge map that’s like 80% mountain.


These are the maps so far that I’ve decided to use in my outline, if they could be “game-play scrutinised” go nuts.
There are 25 chapters in total.

“Guy, Girl and a Magical Blade” Prologue.
Prologue map, left to right, minimal bother.

“Head-Hunters, Sword-Seekers” Chapter 1.
You start at the tavern in the top left, boss in the bottom right structure.

“Paying the Border” Chapter 2.
I’m thinking that you’d start the fight in the middle of the gate with enemies being to the south, you’re defending the gate to earn free passage through to the south plains.

“The Trader Caravan” Chapter 3.
Top left again with you having to reach some green units that are to the right of the small middle mountain.

“With the Guise of Night” Chapter 4.
A hopefully fog of war map where you’re within the fortified walls and you have to defend from enemy siege.

“The Runaway, Inbound” Chapter 5.
My planning has the players starting top left, with the enemies to the right. The bottom left is aesthetic but I suppose maybe something could be done with it.

_“Pulling Strings”_Chapter 6.
Your forces will be split here between the fort in the top left and the small town to the right. It’ll be a defeat all enemies type of deal because your group has things they need to figure out here so they can’t just leave, yadda yadda.

_“Men of the Water”_Chapter 7.
You start at the right and the enemy are sort of spread between the bottom of the water to the top left, narrative-wise there’s a group collecting water for local tribes and they begin to run off north when they spot you, though your groups goal is to head south.

_“The War Disposed”_7x
My original plan for this was to have a choice in it but I’ve scrapped it, I’m following the suggestion from Glenn up above and making it a defend against a mostly flier unit, maybe I’ll chuck in a couple ballista to compensate.

“The Forward Operating Campaigns” Chapter 8.
Most of your units will be starting on the right, your main two characters and a flyer will be at the small huts up top, fighting off hostiles that have ambushed them, you need to regroup and defeat the enemy forces. I think this map probably will end up being shrunk because of that.

_“Mutually Inclusive”_Chapter 12.
You’ll start in the bottom right, there’ll be two forces to contend with, top left with more “native class” units and right with more “military class” units, bottom left is nyeh.

“Blood Price” Chapter 21.
I haven’t really thought out unit structure in this, I just wanted to nail a city aesthetic, main goal is to reach the bank in the top middle area.

“The Man of Gold” Chapter 22.
The idea here is that this is meant to be a bank, the best I can do with FE tiles, but there are four bosses on four green tiles you have to kill to open the four gates to the main boss.

“Rays of Despair” Chapter Final.
A simple 1 vs 1 map.


I’m really digging Rays of Despair. It’s super atmospheric.


My thoughts exactly. Rays of despair screams “Massive tower above the ocean where the villains come to plot and plan”.

Guise of Night, Head Hunters, and Pulling Strings all look like they could be fun to play on. Mostly because I like maps with a certain degree of nonlinearity.

The Man of Gold seems cool too, albeit huge and unfun to traverse. I’d like it to be a bit smaller, personally, or put more toward the lategame where units have more movement, maybe some teleport/rescue staves, etc.


It’s somewhat difficult to do so without any sort of gameplay context (chapters, player composition), but I can give it a shot.
I think I’ve voiced War Disposed is really really big (and I think you said it was like 3x or something?). Man of Gold is also massive, comically so, but given the proper pc layout (split party or something possible), it can still work fine.

Admittedly, I also started to grow tired of seeing the same tileset used, but you can even argue that it might just be that all of these chapters take place in a similar location.

Regardless, they’re all solid maps, my favorite would probably have to be either “The Trader Caravan” or “Mutually Inclusive”.


I’ve added notes for all the maps in the post about where units are generally structured.
War Disposed is 7x, and it’s a defensive map so the size isn’t so bad in regards to you having to traverse it, but it’s got faults, I just wanted the nestled feel like I said above.

Man of Gold is chapter 22, with only two more following it, you’ll start in the middle lobby area.

The same tileset is somewhat based on that it’s the same location but I also really like those walls and the fields tileset doesn’t have any walls in it.

Added chapter numbers and reordered the list appropriately.

The country of Venal contains a considerable array of southern plains that are home to native groups, these plains are where you spend majority of the chapters, with chapter 2 taking you over a large river that sections off most of these plains from the northern “more civilised” areas.

So from chapter 2 to about 6 or so is the warm zone, an area that is in these plains but is still relatively on the edge and is monitored at the very least by armies from the north, however inefficient or insincere the attempts may be. From 6 onward to about 12 you’re heading deeper into the plains, and then from there you’re heading back out north and by 15 you’re back into the northern lands of Venal.

I’ve not figured it out yet, but I want 23 and the final to be maybe on a very small island somewhere, not sure…


BAD JOKE ALERT: so… basically, if this were to be a hack, it would have been a fe4 remake ok…
I’m really digging the idea of it, I feel like it would’ve been a great hack.


Wip for a smaller Operating Campaigns map.


Haven’t done a face in a while…

new > old


I’m digging that new mug, gj!


Old to new.

For who once was a shy, coward of a prince who failed his brother, it’s weird to see him now be used as a villain. Colours aren’t final.

And trying to make something work with this guy’s armour, not sold on it yet…