Lilina is an exception.
But I guess you could recall her as “cheerful” so I guess you’re right.


Neimi edited a little, is her arm better now?

And a new wip:

Just some extra shading at the moment.


NickT is god change my mind



New wip for “Home of the Wanderer”.


Wanderer must have wandered into a fortune :open_mouth:



What’s the purpose of that entire right and bottom right side? Is it going to lead to treasure in the unfinished room?

Edit: More specifically, I should say, even if this is practically a final endgame map, there are a lot of huge, unwieldy divergences, but also some questionable areas the player would even try to go.

The green path is the most direct one to get to the throne.
Orange is a side path which will take a bit longer, but leads to lots of treasure (red divergences)
Purple is an extremely long path to the treasure via the bottom right, with a good skip-route for fliers, but it doesn’t shave much time off simply going green and swapping to orange just before heading to the throne.You’ll be heading toward Green anyway, so unless you plan to stick a recruitable in the bottom right or something to draw the player in that direction, there’s no reason to risk splitting their forces, or waste time taking the long, windy path.

The top left black area seems entirely pointless. I see zero reason for it to exist or the player to go there.

Overall, this map is extremely huge and I feel like it would take forever to complete, plus it would involve a lot of dead time.

Edit: I feel like chopping the map off along the bottom and editing the water area at the bottom right would make the map more concise and interesting overall.


Aesthetic > Function.

It’s a little bit based on The Wanderer’s Palace, from Final Fantasy XIV, hence the top left unknown room which is a sort of pseudo boss room, I cut up and chunked the sections around from my original plotting which was a more clean copy of the inspiration.

It’s not finished either, I might do something better with the bottom area, but yeah, ultimately it’s just an aesthetic map, style over substance.
(Also, when it comes to map design I like putting “beyond the gameplay” elements in, that make it a little bit more like an actual place or world rather than just crafted for a video game, in theory at least.)



You state the map is supposed to be aesthetic. Alright. If that’s the case, then is this intended to be a cutscene map, or will there be gameplay on it?


Rather it’s being made without consideration of it’s implementation in a rom-hack.

It’s not sprite work, so it’s only going under an edit, but lookey here:

Is, is that… an actual outline for a twenty-two chapter hack?

Scratch that, it’s now 26.


“Paying the Border”

“Blood Price”


The first map is filled with all manner of hideous squares that aren’t blended properly. Plz fix.

Those tiles do not look good when used that way.

I’m sure Donald Trump would love the concept of the first map, tho :stuck_out_tongue:


That Looks Lit, :ok_hand: I really love the idea of it



The square cobblestone tiles, in general, look pretty bad. Moreso when placed next to the simple dirt tiles, far moreso when they directly touch grass and create perfectly straight lines.

Again, this looks really bad. I wouldn’t use the cobblestone tiles at all, personally, on that map.


I think it’s fine tbh :confused:


i think what kloks trying to say is that the cobblestone doesnt blend well in that pallete, making it stand out more then it should.


Been using the tiles like that for weeks and it’s the first it’s been mentioned.
Trying to give the effect of a worn through road that was originally the cobblestone.