WIP: “The Ravine”

Not happy with the map limitations so it’ll probably be scrapped.



Jack, the drunkard.


Wip for “The Runaway, Inbound”.

or chapter 4, tomato potato.

And a rewip of lava cave:

Now called “Charcoal”.

Probably gonna scrap this one too.


and with the blue cavalier being designated, Alexander had to be changed, he’s now a green boy.


I like that you’ve gone back and redone old splices. They look much more legitimate now. And the bald tattoo guy looks real badass.


Shifted her face up a pixel or so.


Looking very nice keep up the awesome work. It’s great to see how you’ve developed over time.


Wip for “Pulling Strings”.
(Chapter 5)



WIP: “Men of the Water

Filler chapter, sue me.
(Best part? Plans have it with a gaiden, a filler’s filler. Huegh)

and another wip for “The War Disposed


The only thing I don’t like about Valter is that he has boobs.

Amelia is bae. Nergal is great.

Also, this girl is missing a portion off the top of her head or she has NO hair at all. There should be slightly more height on the upper head for sure, though I can’t quite pinpoint the issue. Her head overall appears a little misshapen.


She be bald, yo.
And I’m hoping to attribute any misshapen-ness to just the hood because I’m lazy.

For sake of writing it down, I’m gonna put some chapter names here, grains of grains.
P: Guy, Girl and a Magic Blade.
1: Head-Hunters, Sword-Seekers.
2: The Trader Caravan.
3: With the Guise of Night.
4: The Runaway, Inbound.
5: Pulling Strings.
6: Men of the Water.
6x: The War Disposed.


Not that I dislike the ambition but… What’s the purpose of having that much unpassable terrain? You could easily just shrink that map down substantially in size lol


Because it looks good


It feels like, to me, that it would probably be a defense map with fliers or other units that can cross mountains assailing from the top and edges, with traditional non-flying units approaching the cirque/basin/valley from the south.

It might seem a little large in scale, but if high movement units are involved at all (on either side), the size would disappear pretty quickly.


The maps are half aesthetic and half purposed, for this one I really wanted to nail the “nestled in” feel, and going through the previous maps there are mountains, sometimes lots but the space still feels really open in them.

The chapter it’s for, The War Disposed, focuses on a group of people who’ve been uprooted by fighting and have been forced to seek shelter wherever they can find it, and a neat little pocket between the mountains granted them a haven, until now

I didn’t even think about flyers utilising the mountains in a game-play sense, would be interesting. Could be an anti-siege map with them in mind, maybe someone else can run with that idea.

It’s excessive, but I’m not bound by limitations, I guess.



Probably gonna re-do Ursula’s lower though, but I’m happy enough with her face.


Neimi’s near shoulder appears severely dislocated. That’s my only criticism for now. Body size looks mostly accurate.

I hate how FE8 characters are nearly all expressionless :confused:


I’m not sure what you mean by that; literally every gba portrait is “expressionless” unless they are one for a specific situation (angry eliwood, sad lyn, angry hector, etc)
Otherwise they all have the same somewhat blank expression due to the faces being used in almost any situation.