The tile above the leftmost stair in the chest room lacks shading.


I hope whoever this fat bandit is, they have a giant turkey leg in hand

I am curious to know the purpose of that door in the wall; some sort of back hallway perhaps?



Top right tower should have one fewer staircase, I think. walls go up 3, floor should go up 2.


“An Affront to Gods”.

Had the idea for a duel atop a tower in the ocean and wondered how easy it would be to pull off a while back, was working on another map and found the sloped wall tiles and thought they’d work well, and here we are, a jank map.


“Monsters in the Waterways”

Killing some boredom.


the tile to the left of bottom left chest is missing a shadow



Cool tower, the lower platform having an outline like the ones one tile from the edge to show it might help.


Is this a Pokemon stadium?


Honestly it reminds me a lot of orre’s colosseum in… phenac city?


It resembles Phenac City a little…
(Colleseum and XD were good games weren’t they?)


Was actually inspired by the final boss in the Wanderer’s Palace dungeon from Final Fantasy XIV.

Some mug wippos, trying to get a cleaner style going, refining, yadda yadda.

Mr. Red Jacket will probably end up being the drunken swordsman, if I ever get around to plotting out whatever this latest idea of Dystopia is.


“Head-Hunters, Sword-Seekers”
A simple town map.

Infamous head-hunter, Rosso. W.I.P.


“Holy Walls”

Super jank.


New Marshall.


Castle, no name, can’t think of one.
(Ignore the height error in the top right)


Wip for “The Trader Caravan”.

A simple, small map that I needed for an early chapter.


Is there a project in the wings?


I have a couple big stories in my head, and I’ve spent a couple months trying to think of something new to make a hack out of that I didn’t end up going “Oh that’s neat” and just putting it into the bigger separate story I’ve got instead.

This one seems to stick, young woman blacksmith who’s set upon whilst making a delivery to a neighbouring town and needs help from a wandering drunken swordsman.

Simple, simple, simple.

To that end, I needed a military barracks in the Valley Town: