“Pocket Water”


Different tileset for “The Warchiefs”, re-did the town area too, to compensate.


Big fan of this one, just not a big fan of 1 tile bridges…

wait you uploaded another right as I was typing this lol

Updated Warchiefs looks good too, imo the fe7 palette has really ugly mountains, so the switch to fe8 was a good call.


Small fixes.

New bridge setup for “Pocket Water”.


WIP for “Silk Road”.


“Silk Road”, more or less final because deserts are a pain.

“Shipwrecked”, boat maps are always so bland in FE.


Yeah idk what to do about boats

I’ve found mixing them with overworld aspects helps, but if the map is just at sea there’s not much you can do :confused:


ya know, thinking about it how cool would a shipwreck map be? ya could have hazards, breakable parts of the ships to open new paths, maybe even a flooding gimmick, all on a unique location that can be designed hella memorable.

anyways, thats a long and narrow fucking ship on the one side, looks a bit weird to me honestly.


A quick attempt at something like that.
Not great but not else much you can do with the limitations.


aside from making the tiles yourself, not much ya can do. still, id say it captures the general feel which is the important part.


Almost finished WIP for “The Dragon’s Roost”.


I’m really getting some Genealogy vibes from this. It looks good


“The Dragon’s Roost”

And a new WIP, “Valley Town”.


if you don’t have an arena in your town, are you even a town?


I knew I forgot something.
Rip the dippo.

“Valley Town”


“A Magic Blade, a Fair Maiden and the Drunken Swordsman”.
Maybe one day I’ll actually put out a ROM Hack…



They are very visually appealing. Maybe you can make maps for me when Eternal Bond is released in 2026!



Every day we come closer to the day we won’t be able to use 2020 anymore


The Hall of the Fat Bandit, unofficial name.