peaks are actually really fun when ya start to get a handle on them. anyways, im guessing the idea is having a lotta room for flyers on the one side, units on the main path to slow the player down (hence the title)


The map name is more in regards to it’s inspiration and the eventual design.
Another WIP, just need to do proper peak shading and then the gimmick and it’ll be done, but I hate it.


Looks amazing, although. a bit flat, I’d rather say, but it’s still incredible. Keep it up!


Not sold on the delivery, but I still dig the concept.
“The Meat Locker”


Oh… I get what you were going for, it looks fantastic. Thinking about it, it’d be a really interesting map to play as well.


Peak highlighting.


I think the two spots where units can enter the big structure are what stick out from a delivery standpoint, at least to me. The rest of the structure makes sense to my brain to a degree - it’s embedded down into the mountains, but the entrances look like they’re also built on top of the mountains, and yet they’re simultaneously connecting at ground level, which produces a disconnect.

I think the way I’d personally solve that would be to make it look like the mountains were carved out to build the structure, effectively dropping the “z position” of the building down in height above sea level so that the entrance still was at ground level and the rest of the building was below that, “underground”. This would probably require modifying thhe shapes of the surrounding mountains though to get the desired height effect.

(Or you could add stairs at the entrances and give height to the outer walls lining those sections so that someone at ground level would have to climb up to get to the entrances first?)


I was trying to get a underneath mountains effect which seems almost impossible within the constraints, so it’s a hodge-podge of hopeful design.

Also, no one’s linked together this and Paracel for the inspiration yet, so for clarification that one and this are both based on Battlefield 4 maps.


as I see, this map could be a base for some evil enemy and can be expand more




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The boredom never ceases.

And another one.


Didn’t make sense to leave the big bad to last.


He saw, he came, he had daddy issues.


Excellent :ok_hand:


As always Nickt, awesome job! :ok_hand:


Not too fond of it, but it’s getting some more villains into the fray.


“The Warchiefs”.


This is getting stolen so hard.


New WIP, “Pocket Water”.