^ same


“The Forward Operating Campaigns”



“The Emerald Isles”

“Low Tide”


There’s this WIP, I can’t think of what to put in the bottom half, I just like the big wall.


Whilst I can appreciate what you’re trying to do with the middle doors, I don’t think they were meant to have stuff put on top of them, as you can clearly see the top of the doors. It’s probably a better idea to just use the general roofing tile and make the room 1 tile high rather than two, if that makes any sense.

The big wall is cool though.


That what you mean?
Also changed stairs around to fix some elevation issues.


Yup, looks right to me!


For the island map, why are there houses and an armory on the mountain in the top-left?


Mountain village.

Not sold on it, I wish I could use a different tileset for the bottom half.



Oh, so you will be redoing all of your old mugs?


I’m just doing a proper FEXNA collection of GBA mugs, I suppose in technicality I’ll be redoing some mugs but those were of poor quality anyway, my efforts in FE graphics will be mostly this, with the rest going into mapping.

In that regard, NICKTcollection as it stands is probably just going to be left as it is, I can’t be bothered addressing it quality-wise for the undertaking it’d be and any attempts I’ve made on doing any project with them that’d motivate the collection have been dead ends and been absolved into other things.

Maybe a 2.0 one day, with completely new graphics.

Also, because I love a good tease:

Probably won’t be the next one finished because I’m super unhappy with how the armour is turning out.


“The Sister Keeps”


Oh interesting; I’m not a fan of so many 1-tile paths, but the routes themselves are cool enough that I don’t really have a problem with them




Latest WIP for the map now called “The Border”.


I really like the idea conceptually.
No idea how fun it would be to actually play going either direction lol, but the map itself would be memorable regardless.


WIP for a map called “The Meat Locker”.


how are you not struggling with so many peaks?? ._. damn