aww those puppy dog eyes


~ Leonard


Angry Dorcas.

Pretty Dorcas.


frantically searches for something to update topic with

Random stat screen background I did for Chair.


those look nice, I love purple, it’s dreamy


Absolutely amazing. Great work as always Nick :ok_hand:.



(Note to self, swap out that red for something not garbo)


Oof, the pretty detail on the separator effect below the portrait box got absolutely destroyed by presumably the quantization. Honestly, that shouldn’t be too difficult to sprite manually with color limitations in mind and keep it from looking the way it does…

Also, might I dare suggest moving it down so that it’s between the character’s name and their class instead of being blocked by being behind the character’s name? It would still accomplish the end result of splitting the two sections and it would mean that it stays visible to the viewer all of the time…


I agree that if I sat down and went over this as a spriter it could probably come out a lot better than pumping it out straight from photoshop, but I’m lazy.

I also liked the icon sitting behind the name and saw it more as that rather than a divider, though in that vein a possibility would be moving it lower and then putting another bar underneath where names go.