Peach, now just to wait until tomorrow when I notice more things that bug me.
So fussy…



Hard to believe that someone so talented gets depressed, but maybe I’m overlooking all the great artists that made art of their sadness. Keep it up, I love your work and I think you are a really nice guy. If there is anything I can do for you count with me, even if it is not much.


=> Peach

Noss Bastian Guy4



Good stuff, my friend. Peach looks like LufiaDS!Maxim, which is cooler
I like the blue-haired girl the most, to be quite honest, and I hope you get good at the spiky pauldron lad.


Redoing maps so that they work more game-wise, including size:




Nice! Just some advice since you’re going for gameplay here.
Both maps are a bit lacking in terrain. The first one does have a lot of it, but 99% of it is off to the sides where it isn’t actually useful. Second one could use a few in the middle portion.


Head-Hunters%2C%20Sword-Seekers_2 Guy%2C%20Girl%20and%20a%20Magic%20Blade_2


The bottom right most river tile in that pic looks broken for some reason, does it display fine ingame?


thats because thats a lake tile, not a river tile.


and i’d have gotten away with it too, if it wasnt for you damn kids and your damn dog


-insert tortured joke about food and canned laughter-


Mate, I’ve known you a long time, and I’ve seen the growth you’ve made and I’ve seen how hard you work - I know first hand that it can be taxing mentally to work so hard on what is, to most, JUST a hobby. But you make it so much more, and the pride you show in your work is heartwarming.

I’m glad I’ve come back around recently, and I’m glad that you’re making strides in your mental growth and becoming your own man. Depression is horrible, and it takes hold in so many people - but not only does your work make you smile, but it makes many others smile as well; be proud of that, friend. Sometimes the saddest people do the most for those around them, even if it seems insignificant at the time.

Love you and your work, mate. Keep on doing what you do.


If only I actually finished things.

emulator-1 emulator-2

emulator-3 emulator-4


Ah, the good ol’ OSM Syndrome, as I used to call it. Aptly named due to a certain OSM of Pixeltendo fame who never finished a project in his life.

It’s alright, mate, I’ve got the same problem.


come on, man…


Tana sure learned from Monika…


That glitch may be from a rocky transition into the map, I’ve run into similar glitches when I do my transitions out of villages incorrectly.


You mean it’s NOT a sign from hack-gods to stop working on my project?




Leonard, stop, what are you doing…



Going and redoing Human Strings mugs, 'cause I’m honestly not that happy with most of them and this way I can procrastinate actually making the hack…