Can you give him his smash ultimate recolors?


Ah, so that’s what you’ve been posting on the Discord Server. +A work as always Nick.


Get me a clear(ish) image of the variants and I should be able to do them up pretty easily.


Now we just need s̶e̶x̶y buff Ike


He has four alternates for path of radiance and four for radiant dawn.




I can’t decide if palette 2 or 4 is my favorite. Good stuff. :heart:


Thanks Nickt! My favorite has to be yellow/orange, as it references Ike’s lord outfit and his father. It’s also the one I use in smash.


“I fight to protect my friends!”

“I fight to test my mettle and prove myself!”

“I fight to avenge my father’s death!”

Slurps drool
“hay gais lookit me im sigurd”


Not so happy with this one…


Lerath Alexander Gail_2 Matz Sullivan
Yellow, green, red, black and blue.


and fuck it, why not someone else too:
He’s now named Ouja.


Is that a cheeky Zonta I see?


When finished are any of these free to use,Specifically the man in black armor?


A lot of things to decide, but potentially down the road these may be used by others, to be determined…


I’m not sure how privy many of you are or how obvious it may seem, but for most of my life I’ve dealt with some pretty severe mental issues, mostly in regards to depression and self esteem and value degrading mental perspectives. My inability to handle them socially and also my lack of social skills in general has lead me to be an essentially outcast member of many circles both here and elsewhere, and it’s definitely earned me a long list of detractors, which is completely valid.

I spent most if not all of my time alone, but I like talking to people and I love helping people, seeing everyone who takes on spriting and showing off their first mugs instils in me so much pride and faith in not just you people but in everyone, it’s a hobby we can share and I hope that for now and the longest time going forward that I’ll be willing to help. I only just recently accepted paid work and I was worried that it was going to effect my drive to do that, but as far as I’ve seen it hasn’t. One of my favourite things is seeing all the times my graphics have been used in all of your works and it fills me with so much joy and happiness, even if it’s just a one-second NPC.

I just want to say thank you, to every person who reads this because time’s rough, life’s rough and some days I sit here and I feel empty, most days I don’t even sprite anymore because I’m losing the drive to do most things and my hands are slowly caving to the ravages of spending so much time on the computer, but you guys help make it worth it.

I look forward to seeing more of your art in the future.


Too wholesome, it hurts to read.
Keep spriting brother


It’s fascinating how creative the people in this community are and I really enjoy looking up what’s new each day. The atmosphere is amazing and without people like you it would probably not be the same. Truth be told, your work motivates me as well. Since you wrote that you love to help people all I can say is that you are really successful in doing that. We all experience times when we are really creative and on other occasions we are just struck with lack of motivation. Either way I think there is purpose in your work. As our efforts might motivate you, you do exactly the same for us. Don’t forget that and thank you very much for all your hard work thus far.


I wanna say while you guys are pouring out, Nick you are just about a badass portrait maker in this fandom. Along with the others too, you really are amazing with hair designs. Like geez the amount of spikes or outline of the strains of hair you give haha, but hair patterns I’m sure takes quality focus and an artistic vision of some sort to picture the hair.

Keep on doing what you love until you grow tired of it! Same goes for anyone else who looks at Nick’s work and get’s inspired by them or do them it for the love of it as well.


Not much, but I at least managed to sprite something.
A guy named Peach, #lookforwardtoit


Ah, so this is the home post of the legend themself. Good to know.

Just want to say those Ikes look fantastic, like pretty much everything you make.