Greg is in and he’s bringing the business end.

(FEU needs to have skin options, the toothpick looks jank against the dark background.)


you can change the theme to light theme


Neat. The green one is dope.

Also, it makes the toothpick really stand out.

Purple theme when


Joey has joined the fray, he’ll tank from here to hell.


With a keen eye, Innes has… I mean Steve, has entered the fight.


The Christmas Cavaliers are done, Josh is now ready to ride.



forgot some…


Lo’ and behold, it seems I’ve found a place where you still exist, old friend. Glad to see you’re still doing what you do best, mate, and you’ve only improved since the last time I saw your work! Especially some of your hair - good lord, mate, the hair. <3





Always, Be, Improving.


Map chunks, small crops and selections from official and personal maps to aid in map-making in the graphics community and beyond.
Chunks are sorted into themed packs and then named according to their width/height.
Examples of chunks:

[Mountains_1] [28_chunks]

|==========| Human Strings [ROMhack] |==========|


An independent arms-forger encounters a drunken stranger and gets wrangled into a war between groups vying for their rightful claim to life within the country’s borders where everyone’s being manipulated by darker forces that lurk behind the scenes…

|==========| name undecided |==========|

With the guise of night, air-headed thief Mo breaks into a lightly guarded castle nestled between tall and over-bearing mountain ranges, desperately seeking out gold and riches, however instead what he finds is the daughter of a high ranking official and her sole protector taking residence, their meeting would be the catalyst for events which shake the very fragile bonds throughout the land…

|==========| The Burning of Helios |==========|

Her lands are razed, her people are crying and pleading, her options are limited.
At the request of her brother, she leaves for neighbouring lands, journeying in vain, hoping that someone, somewhere, can help her and her land of their blight, however her time is running out as the fires still burn…


Homo Sapien Spaghetti: Hot Crest


Some wips, fixes, shits…




Ephraim Forde Kyle
Merry christmas(slight edits)


More edits, hopefully something different by new years.


Can you make more of FE8 characters new portrait? If you could, I wish to use them for my FE8 remastered version.


Jury is still out whether this stuff will be available to be used by other people.


4578 > > Ike
(super old > old > new)
I fight for my friends.