“Enemy of My Enemy”




I feel like it needs some tree tiles for variety. Bit empty, otherwise.

Beyond that, the layout looks fun to play!


“Claim of the Land”


I love the use of the broken stump tile near the cave entrance.


and some wips.



Is it okay if I use the bottom-leftmost one in my game?


Not at the moment, I’ll probably release a NICKTcollection 2.0 at one point which will have these in it at some point in the future.


It begins…


Human strings, huh? That was me when I was skinny at some point in my youth.


Hello Nick, speaking of your collection. I would love to use Zenith, he looks really dope.

Would it be alright if you can give him blinking animations?



why isn’t his beard muffling around on the talk frames? :upside_down_face:


'cause I tried and failed.
I have brought dishonour upon my family.


You’re gunna have to commit Sudoku for bringing great shame, unfortunately.

Great work though, I skimmed through it and it’s blowing me away. How much of it is free to use?


I might get in touch regarding the not free stuff; haven’t checked it out yet, but if the free stuff is anything to go by I may be interested/willing to gib money.


I had people ask for the collection that was previously uploaded and free to use. I’m not proud of it and plan on eventually releasing better mugs in a new collection, eventually.

Helpful people on the discord were more than willing to upload it for the use of others though.


Thanks for the link, here’s my Discord username: A_Reliable_Chair#2366

We can talk about the paid stuff, DM me when you get the chance.


Thank you so much! I appreciate it, he shall be put to good use.