WIP for “Geleentheid”, chapter 9.


And here, have an iffy Joshua wip.


groan mumble mumble wip


I… I… I can’t believe I’m about to say this but… Lyon looks really cute. I’m feeling a little homo toward him. He looks like a trap.



lyon has always been the cutest soft boi destroyer of worlds evaaaar


“Beyond Gates, A Darkness”.


nickt how long have you been doing art


I’ve been a “creative-type” since i was a wee-lad.



“The Mountain’s Boon”

Not a fan of that tileset, but holy hell did I need a cave.


Other cave tileset version of The Mountain’s Boon.
wip wip ウイップ。

Trying to get a proper looking cave out of the lava tileset, this was the best I could come up with:


And the obligatory boat map.


A lot of empty space I’m unsure what to do with…


compact space and or add more houses. could also just add more path tiles which tends to make the inside of towns look better.


Current finals for The Mountain’s Boon and The Way Back, with a new WIP for By Sunrise(CH16).



“By Sunrise”


I feel like the grass patches in the center of the map are too symmetrical.


They are, I did that because I thought that square area would have been structured and the grass would have been man-controlled, unlike all the other areas where the execution grounds have sort of fallen into disarray.

If it doesn’t work then I’ll probably go and re-do the square.


I think if you want to go for the man-made grass/park vibe, you should lean into it more. If not, I would vary them up. It’s your map, though, so do whatever you think looks good.