Nickt| f.e.x.n.a


I’ll be adjusting heights on all of them eventually to get them more appropriate to one another but they’re all currently being done at the full size of my template, which is why they’re all the same height.


So FE7XNA :soon:, right?


It’d look something more like this.
I still need to work on arms and muscles, getting dodgy as of late.

FE7XNA doesn’t seem necessary, unless you’d want to link it to other things more, like Elibean Nights
I’d sooner want to do an Awakening/FatesXNA or FE8.5XNA which is probably about 6 years overdue…


FE9XNA tbh. The best game in the series.




I love how fexna_NICKT says sad sad…


I like how making FE great again entails that really awkward Micaiah image that a huge shitstorm happened over a year ago.