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All the W.I.P.


T̶i̶d̶d̶i̶e̶s̶!̶ Nickt: Spriter & Plastic surgeon, suprisingly adept at the latter if I may say so myself :smirk:



FE7 -> XNA port soon?


Considering that many of you I assume don’t follow the DA:



Finally, more Hawkeye man-meat to stare at.


why does hawkeye have no nipples


He has more sexual appeal if he’s androgynous, obviously.

I mean, I wouldn’t want to be a gay faggot if I was lusting after a man, right? Now it’s not against the bible.

Praise Jesus.


How does not having nipples make him androgynous? Last I checked, women have them too.


Yeah but, where does he put his nipples?

anyways great portraits


Probs amputated them so the desert bandits (Paul, Jasmine, Rose, Maggie, etc) wouldn’t be able to give him purple nurples



Press ‘F’ to praise the nickt or whatever



Vaida lookin busty af

Hey, speaking of which, any chance you could improve her face to match her art more? She’s actually quite pretty in her original artwork, but the conversion to sprite form ruined her IMO.

I think it’s the eyebrows or the sharp angle of her face that did it.

Edit: LMAO why is she so stretched on FEU? Fix this disgusting image stretching, forum gods.



'sup cunts.,


Hey, Klok is right. Vaida is actually not as ugly as her mug.
Geitz looking pretty goddamn buff.


They are pretty good but you know in photography they always say to never crop at the elbows because it makes the proportions look weird and to be honest, they are quite right. There’s something off about a couple of them, especially Sain and Geitz, and I can’t quite put my hand on it. I’m not sure what Sain’s arms are doing or where they’re doing and I feel that Geitz has WAY too much shading on his arms making his shoulders look like tennis balls?