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One thing I’m not clear on, will this hypothetical FEXNA game try to emulate FE9/10 as much as possible, or will it try to fix some of the pretty rough spots, like maybe removing biorhythm and fixing the skill system to be closer to FE10’s in the FE9 parts?




Fiona’s face looks a bit under-shaded, but no one is going to look right when they’re next to FE10 Tormod. I mean goddamn.




Tormod’s FE10 portrait looks really good, especially compared to how he looked in FE9. To put it plainly: You did such a great job on his portrait that Fiona’s looks eh in comparison. But Fiona is eh in general, so that’s okay.


Just wanted to say that these are all super amazing. Really nice job. :3


Laguz transformation is cool. Laguz as a whole though are kinda… eh.






I gotta say it, Micaiah’s arm is suddenly bugging me. It’s like a boomerang shape or something, the shading is just weird.











you finished nailah sweet.

also hello jerad you captian asshole (you were one of the best parts of the game)


Nailah was an absolute bitch to do and I’m glad she’s done.

Wish I could bash out a couple of scripts though, or get my hands on FEXNA so I can assemble and see how it all looks, 'cause I want to give the villains more backstory, and I’d like to think I can do something neat with Jerad here.




That pauldron is solid.