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Wait are… are all the mugs… done?!

Also, what do all the different BG colors mean?


Different spriters contributed to those ones.

Awesome work, Nickt. I’m so glad you’ve made then available to the public domain, as well… It will give me some good variety for my splices @_@




Looks great :0
Ed looks a bit soulless tho (give him a lil highlight in his eyes)


Presumably these are for the FE10 half of the game?


I originally had a highlight in his eyes, but was trying it to match the reference I had. Maybe at the size they were rubbed out, so I’ll get around to adding them in, 'cause I thought it looked better that way too.

And yeah, these are for the FE10 part.
Doing them in sections, so these will be all the playables for Part 1.


Ye, resizing stole his highlights






I’m going to make the same comment that TheErrantShepherd made in the SF thread: Most of the mugs, especially the earlier ones, have something off about them, and I think it has to do with facial shading. But this project is so awesome that I don’t really care, please keep up the great work. We can totally steal/use/splice these, right?


Probably just the source not matching well with traditional GBA style, so it’s sort of mostly there but like you said, it’ll be a little jarring, or have something off about it.

Might just be my style slipping in as well, not too sure.

And yeah, free to use for whatever you want, as long as you don’t use the ones with multiple coloured backgrounds as they were worked on by other people and I can’t offer their use on behalf of others.
(Volke and Makalov you could probably use, as the other people who helped only literally changed a few pixels at best, however the other collabs had more involved edits.)





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My man Zihark is looking dope.


Is it just me or does Laura look like an amputee?

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Is it just me, or are Jill’s eyes a bit off? Otherwise the new ones are looking good, especially Zihark.


Second’d. Zihark was always my choice for Trueblade - Adept without losing skill capacity is legit, hella underrated in FE10.