Newbie reporting!

Hi guys, names Serenade. I’m a fairly new hacker and am learning atm. I’m working on a FE8 hack, in my free time, that I’m hoping to finish eventually. Anyways I’ll probably be here a lot now, with questions as I learn. Hmmm, whatelse, I’m a relativly new FE player(Started about 3 years ago, and have played but not beaten most games.) And FE8 is my favorite game, because its got the casual way to play while also still doing the classic FE style of play(aka no grinding) well. FE7 used to be my Favorite, but I realized that kinda was partly nostalgia, as it was my first game.

Anyways nice to meet you all, hope I’m not annoying.


Welcome! It’s great to have more people interested in rom hacking and the Discord server for this forum is also a great way to connect with other people who can show you the ropes. You are capable to accomplish anything if you set your mind into it.

I 'll join tommorow when i have PC access again.