New themes that would like to see in fe hacks

Well as a very big fan of Tactical RPG like fire emblem i really like to play fire emblem hacks, even more if they are not normal fire emblem s related. I am developing a YGO project, Vesly is developing a Pokemon project, Zaim is devolving a Digimon project, and many more cases for sure. That’s something that i love, and i decide to start this thread to talking about new themes /topics never seen in this community before that should be very interesting to see.
Maybe this thread would motives new developers to create new fire emblem like games based on other franchises that has not official tactical games or has only a few of them.
Of course I wouldn’t start this thread without talking about what series i would like to play as fire emblem hacks

  • Wizarding World : all related with harry potter where it should be more magic triangle than weapon triangle. Where you can even choose wich house do you like to go and each of them would teach you something different like
    Griffindor : light
    Slithering : Dark
    Ravenclaw : anima
    Hufflepuff : Healing
    Where pegasus should exist but also queedich players as flying units

  • See : based on a live action series about a world where all the people are blind and just one or two can see and they are consider as witches. That means a hack full of fog mechanic. A hack where you can only “see” enemies at your side cause you can hear them or smell them. A hack where you needs to be even more careful. If you have no ideas to write a story like that and you are interested you can watch the series and replicate the story that it’s full of action, love, betrayes, war … Death

  • Defend of the Ancients : Dota for others. Just imagine a hack with no chapters and just one map. The same map of dotta. Without no save slots cause all the plays are different and you can resume them if you are playing alone.
    I really would like to see a multiplayer option like FE Shin Moshou no Nazo/ Shadow Dragon /10
    Where two players choose a team of 5 units and plays against in a map with fog
    Like Dota does
    A map where you choose 5 characters between all of the playable characters without caring about recruiting.
    An unique chapter where you play your units from level one up to 20 without no promotion
    With a high level of difficult since your enemy army has also 5 strong characters that seeks the same goal that you, destroy the enemy castle
    In a map full of other army that are usually less strong that heroes but are a big amount of them and they have reinforces almost every turn.
    It should be nice if your characters revives if they loose as FE if/Fates/14
    But this hack should also mean a lot of work and most of ASM and sprite work
    But it could be very good to the community.

So those are the three main topics I would like to see in a future. What do you think about them ? Do like any of them ? Do you would like to play something like that ? Do you have any other franchise in mind? In that case share what you think with us. Aaaaand if you want to do it you can be sure that we will be waiting for your hack and a few of us we will glad to help.

I hope you like this and thanks for reading


I think it’s too much work to recreate a game from a different franchise in the fire emblem engine. You’d have to be crazy to try.


Then you are calling us crazy people xD
Cause we ( you and I ) are doing that ;3

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Here’s my take, FE but Japanese, as in the setting is based on japanese history or japanese like in theming, with custom battle animation for custom classes like Samurai, Shogun, etc and yes I know we have birthright and hoshido from fates but I’m talking full japanese setting. This would be very cool I think.

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That would be birthright / Byakuya only hack without no traditional classes not even for enemies. And yes. It should also very cool to see for sure. Thanks for your words DAT

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I’m of the same opinion, but more towards say renaissance or gunpowder era Europe.