New Sacred Stones Hack

I have been working on a Sacred Stones Hack. I have always wanted to do this but I don’t know the pointers for events and maps in FE8. I saw FE7 Eventiel and it was easy as that and Event Assembler took care of most pointers.

Now on this site I saw 3 years back you worked on FE8 Eventiel on this site. I have struggled to find charts for map and map changes/events like for FE7 in MarkyJoe1990 s Tiled Guide.

Can I use eventiel for that or do I need tables like below to insert my custom maps? Basically it’s a question of the offsets and pointers where certain chapters are in Sacred Stones and their changes and events AS WELL AS where I am safe to write my own data? I hope to make new maps and put them in the original chapter locations and add the FE7 characters. Plz see BELOW. If anyone wants to work with me to make a hack with moulder as antagonist or help me add FE7 characters which I can’t see to do please let me know.

Write Map Pointer to?,

Write Map Change Ptr to?

Eventiel can’t insert custom maps. You have to insert it yourself, then load a picture of the map into Eventiel so that you can place your units and stuff correctly.

I’m currently working on FE8 Eventiel in between doing my own hack, you can try it here.

However, it is very much a work in progress and most of the functions do not work yet. You can add units, load units, make text events, turn events, AFEVs, talk events, move to a chapter, etc. but don’t be surprised if more complex things don’t work.

Well I know for maps but I was wondering how to find the map change pointers and map pointers. Do you know how to calculate that?

The Event References module in Nightmare is what you’re looking for. I hate the name “event references” because it has nothing to do with events so much as it is a giant list of pointers, including the map and map change pointers. Find the pointers, remove the 08 from the beginning, and punch them into the map inserter.

Short answer: Nightmare.

Long answer: Ultimate tutorial chapter 48

I am using tiled not mappy so I am afraid that does not help lol. I read that tutorial earlier.

In tiled it requires 2 pointers for map changes a map pointer and a map change pointer. Those are often confused with offsets.

Got to dropbox links map pointer chart for FE7 and map change pointer chart for FE7 from MarkyJoe.

I need to know those for FE8 and plug in here…