New project ember playthrough

Soooo, whats the story with the egg doing a let’s play of a hack? wasn’t he told that the hacking community wasn’t okay with him using their hacks or assets? especially for content creation? it’s been a while and i’m still fuzzy on the details but it’s pretty disgusting if you ask me, that he’d do it against the will of the people here.

I was under the impression FEU had essentially disowned his scummy ass

STAFF EDIT: If you’re reading this, please read the post at the bottom.

I think it’s because Mangs has genuinely made the effort to change and be a better person (as a frequent Mangs watcher, i see his improvement) and so i think they let up on him and the accusations did come out as lies so that could make a good point in it as well. Just my theory, so don’t take my word.

I’m stopping this thread pre-emptively. I’m not at all interested in letting this conversation play out, in either direction.

My stance is and always has been that we cannot stop Mangs from making videos about our content, only that we can unequivocably denounce his actions, which I don’t believe we need to do again. I won’t attempt to speak for the entire community, but I will say that I, at least, do not accept him (an earlier draft of this post used the word “forgive”, but I don’t think it’s my place to do that). He admitted to the allegations, and I am not aware of any other evidence that would cause me to disbelieve his accusers, regardless of what he may say while making a sad face on video.