New Posts/Posts with new content/messages stay White when read, help?

Couple days ago it was working fine but now when i read new topics/messages the topic stays white like its unread and not fades to dark/read and sorts itself out so the new topics are on top and read topics at bottom.

Its a mess now since i cant see wich topic i read already while couple days ago it was very easy to see read and unread topics when refreshing the site or backing out a topic.

Any solution?


Go to the topics that are doing this and change the notification status to normal
Alternatively try logging out

I’ve noticed this happens when using the back button as opposed to just returning to the home page, so I would suggest doing that for the time being

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I always use the FEU logo to go back to the home page, and still everything is white

I think something was changed during the maintenance/update.

You must be doing something that makes it not go away - did the same, pressed FEU logo, and it does count as read.

This is definitely related to the update, but it’s weird that it’s not uniform across skins. I’ll look into it.


now it’s doing the same for me, but it’s weird:

the topics showing up in the categories section of the main page become darker once you visit a topic, meanwhile:

if you go straight into a specific section, all topics still show as unread.
i’m not tracking any section/topic in particular, and i only have few bookmarks that are not mentioned in those pages.
my guess is that there’s either something broken with categories and sub-sections in general, or the read/dismiss command isn’t working as it should.

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I think I fixed it! Thanks @HyperGammaSpaces for pointing me in the right direction!


Yea it seems to be back to normal now, thanks.


Just posting this to confirm it is now functional. I appreciate it.