New Mug shot competition?

Quick Post, I was wondering of there would be people interested in doing a new mug shot competition.
This is me asking to see if anyone would actually like to make mug shots for fun, the theme’s would be pretty simple for example three Key adjectives could be used and you would use at least two of them to create a mug e.g. Mustache and kind (like Molder) or you could be given a class e.g. Mercenary and you would make a Mercenary esc mug (Like Raven).

Rule’s would be as follow’s:
No Stealing other people’s work.
Make sure if you use an other persons work please first ask permission and second always credit them.
Never ever harass someone else for their work.
IMPORTANT have fun :stuck_out_tongue:


Um Shep already hosts art competitions for mugshots…


yeah i guess well rip this then lol