New Mechanic for WIP Romhack (Not yet named)

I am working on a new romhack for Fe8 (alone, which already is a bad sign lol), and I’ve added in a mechanic to replace the Tower of Valni and the Lagdou Ruins, as this romhack will get rid of the world map in favor of a type of hub I’m experimenting with. I’m using the current map as a placeholder until I get a new one made, and all I have to show as of right now is this video clip.


You should auto refresh player units in a hub like this.

Create an always event for the chapter that simply does: UNCR current unit status: Already moved, Cantoing

(Uncm/uncr is a patch on febuilder)

Here’s a badly taken picture from a few months ago showing how to achieve the same results in a worse way using set unit status instead of uncr

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Ahh, thank you. That’s a great idea!

Consider using Sme’s new ASM for free movement in hub areas!


Woah, I’ll definitely have to look into that. Thank you for letting me know!