New Instrument Sample Size Issues

My first time making a topic post here so sorry if the format is a little weird ._.

I’m trying to implement a new instrument sound into the FE8 sound table. I’ve already done it with another sample ( and it worked :smiley: ), but when I tried it with another sample from the same source it wouldn’t let me use it. I saw that the sample size was heavily reduced like in the screenshot:

It's a big image

Screenshot 2022-04-27 183125

and the sound doesn’t play when I preview it… If it helps, I’m trying to replace another ingame sample. Maybe that’s the issue?

Thank you!

Maybe uncheck the remove silence option?

Is it a midi instrument?
Or is it a vocal?

If it is a midi instrument, disable DPCM.
It has been observed that the modulation process sometimes does not work well if it is compressed.

If it is a vocal, you can compress it.
It is rather a waste of space if you don’t compress it.

And, when you are having these discussions, please make sure you disclose your evidence.
You are talking without evidence.
This is not good.

You should disclose both its WAVE data and your game’s ups data as evidence.

Without evidential data, we can only speculate, which makes it very time-consuming to help you, to the detriment of both parties.

Removing silence did uncompress the sample a little, though it still sounded a bit wonky. I managed to fix that though but thank you! It helped

Sorry about not putting all the information. I’m honestly more used to just figuring everything out on my own, but I was stumped on this. I don’t really ask for help often, so I wasn’t 100% sure what to add in the post

It was a directsound instrument. The size was 5600 samples uncompressed at a sample rate of 32,000 ( Which I know isn’t the GBA sample rate, but this is the info for the raw sample ), and it was a looped instrument ( the loop point is between 5482 and 5578 ). There was only one sample