New hold item in FEbuilder

I’m attempting to make an item that gives +2 con in FE7. Kinda like a holdable body ring. But before I try and fail and load a save 30 times, is it possible without ASM coding?

I’m adding it onto the emblem seal if that matters. I’ve been learning this hacking deal slowly but this one is bit boggling

Use that passive bonuses patch people talk about and assign the con boost as normal.

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oh epic I forgot that even existed. Hopefully it doesnt apply to ALL items lol

edit: It still isn’t working for some reason. It is a checkbox, which is good so it doesnt apply to everything by default. But I still am having trouble getting it to actually add the passive boost.

passive boosts generally work by taking stat boosts and applying them when not equipped
con and mov stat boosts are not checked for and do not function
therefore, passive boosts for these stats likely also don’t work
you would need a significant rewrite of the system to allow for them
this has definitely been done for FE8, probably some FE7 version of it somewhere but I wouldn’t know where

Thanks for the answers, folks. Closing at OP’s request, as they’re asking in the FEBuilder thread. OP, let us know if you want this re-opened.