New here, introduction!

Hey there, I’m new here. You can call me Gorgonath. I’m currently working on a rom hack with a friend, 20 chapters are complete and I’m pretty happy of our work so far. This is the first part of the whole game for now. I mainly have the role of writing dialogues. I hope I will find some help here with the problems we might have regarding FEBuilder.


20 chapters is just the first part? Quite a goal you have in mind.
If you plan to release this to the public, I would highly suggest getting some playtesters sooner rather than later.

Regardless, welcome, and enjoy your stay


Welcome to FEU! If you’re looking for hacking help, you’ve come to the right place.

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Hey there! Always great to see someone new. 20 chapters sounds like a lot, but I’m always down for another hack to add to my increasingly long library. Like Skitty, I do think you should get some playtesters from the community soon, or at least release the first 20 chapters as the first part so that you don’t get in too deep and be forced to make major changes because of feedback.

Enjoy your stay here, it’s a pretty fun place.

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Yeah, actually they are a bit more than 20 but the first and second part will basically be 2 different games in a way. We already playtested quite a lot and we are going to playtest even more in the future months, but anyway, we plan on releasing to the public the 2 parts separately. So basically at the end they will be 2 different games, with the only difference the plots are linked.

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