New Guy. Wondering just how long it takes to get into this stuff

First of all, hey guys. I’m Sarika, and in a Computer Science Class I’m allowed to mod a game for a project.
I’ve always been interested in doing this sort of thing, but I finally have a computer at home, which means I can finally try it.
Problem is, it seems difficult, and right on the Ultimate Tutorial thing it says it is time consuming.
The project needs to be completed by May 28th, and February 6th where I am. That gives me about three months worth of after schools and weekends I can use to work on the project.
Just how much will I be able to do? I’m not looking to make a whole original game or anything, just switch some portraits and classes to those of my classmates, and add some more appealing music to FE8. (Unless FE7 is better? I hear it has better documentation.)

TLDR: I’m making a hack for a project, and I have 112 days. How much will I be able to get done if I start today?

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Ultimate Tutorial is fairly outdated, is it not?
If I remember correctly it was still during the time we used Xeld’s tool for most things along with Nightmare, whereas these days there is buildfiles and FE Editor, both of which make things a lot easier.

My brother and I found music inserting easy once you figure how it works and changing portraits is probably the easiest thing to do aside from stats and name changing.

There’s public libraries of portraits if you’ve not the graphical chops yourself as well, just to make it easier.

This is a topic for febuilder. This is the easiest way to get into fe hacking. A lot of the function are easy to use once you get familiar with it. It wont take too long to do simple edits.

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Thanks alot dude!

Thanks a bunch. My friend I’m doing the project with has this awesome idea. If everything we wanted to do is relatively easy maybe we can do some more complex stuff, like cutscenes or custom maps.

Custom maps and cutscenes are doable.
Kinda like RPG maker if you’ve ever used that, if you go with FEBuilder.
Looks like this:

Screenshot from my project, for example.

FEBuilder is extremely powerful and extremely intuitive. Working on a PME is a great entryway as it gives you goals you have to try to explore yourself.

Learning ASM is some wizardry stuff that will allow you to change basically anything you want, but I might would suggest putting aside a week if you think you want to try it, since learning ASM is like learning anything new. Difficult at first, but quickly snowballs. Since this is for a computer science course, showing off your mad Assembly Code skills would certainly get you a decent grade.

If you want an idea of how powerful FEBuilder is, it took me about two to three months to complete Fort Mangs Emblem, which can be viewed on the Youtubes. (Although, there were a lot of resources left over since I was brought into the team after the team decided to start their hacking progress over.)

I don’t know much at all about ASM or how long it would take to learn, but I know FEBuilder fairly well as a hobbyist hacker, so I’m available if you have any further questions.

That’s all basic stuff, I imagine it would take an afternoon or two at most - assuming you already have the resources to insert. Making portraits would take time (and music too if you wouldn’t just be inserting already made music from the repo).

Not even close, FE8 has almost exponentially more support.

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Thanks so much everyone! You’re really supportive and I’ll be sure to keep updating if I need any help on more specific things.

Also sorry Zeta I’m just new and stupid :sleepy:

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